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VR why spring is yet to come

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2016-09-16

2016 VR technology is increasingly being known and hot sales people, it has the potential to become an alternative phone next terminal. 2016 Global VR hardware and software output value will reach $ 6.7 billion in 2020 will grow to $ 70 billion.

2016 outbreak of the first year is known as VR, whether traditional or emerging companies manufacturers have to join the battle. The smartphone market has become saturated, forcing these companies must find a new growth point, while VR is a good starting point.

Although the VR concept this year is very hot, but the heat and bring experience in the market performance of its surface is not consistent. Currently, the price of VR equipment from tens to thousands or even million dollars, and of varying quality. Last year was also called "black technology" products, this year there is the potential abuse of the street. VR technology allows users appear in the game, and has been an unprecedented visual experience. For VR, we always believe that it will bring disruptive experience for games, videos, etc., it can be said that the future will be the VR. But the current situation, VR also spring from the far distance.

Development of VR is determined by the hardware, platforms and content. As a physical product, the hardware is the first element VR advancing development.

At present, different forms of VR products vary greatly in price and experience, but overall there own drawbacks.

Mobile end VR products on price advantage, to spend one or two hundred or even tens of dollars you can experience the early adopters. End mobile phone use VR need to meet, and 2K resolution level can be regarded as qualified experience effect. But the mobile phone market, most mobile phones can only reach a resolution 1080P, 2K screen of the high power consumption and high cost make mobile phone manufacturers are reluctant to try. And, the mobile terminal VR on the refresh rate and delay rate performance is poor, wear a long time will lead to serious sense of vertigo, resulting in market evaluation is not high.

VR-one convenient to carry, is a single chip, no dedicated chip, the game experience, can not achieve real VR effect.

PC end VR as the current performance is the most stable, relatively speaking experience the best of a product, must be bound to keep the computer in hardware technology, there are some issues remain unresolved, leading to experience the effect of greatly reduced.

In short VR's performance is not satisfactory, a good experience too expensive, inconvenient to carry; on cheap experience and boast about. Eventually leading consumers do not desire to buy.

Content is also an important determinant. At present, the production cost of VR content remains high. For content creators, if you want to shoot VR video, you need to purchase a separate set of professional equipment for the same time, as a new content, how to shoot and post-processing content creators need to try and explore, which contains not only is capital investment, more of a change of thinking.

On the other hand, if you do not have good support, even if no matter how good the content is also no good. Immature hardware development, but also led to further slow development content.

Although in recent years the concept of VR is the fire, but we also should see the problems behind the appearance of prosperity.