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Effect of diaphragm on sound quality of wood headphones

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2017-03-18

People are the most commonly used dynamic headphones affect their sound quality factors are many, and diaphragm is the speaker unit can have a good quality of one of the key components. The diaphragm is actually a sensitive element for the magnetic field changes, when the electrical signal through the coil when the magnetic field changes, resulting in diaphragm deformation. As the electrical signal changes quickly, resulting in high-speed vibration diaphragm, and then through the vibration of the diaphragm to the air, resulting in sound waves. In this process, the quality of the diaphragm determines the overall quality of the headset.

wood headphones

There are more than 200 kinds of diaphragm material, the more commonly used speaker diaphragm material: paper diaphragm, wood diaphragm, plastic diaphragm, aluminum alloy diaphragm, titanium alloy diaphragm, beryllium alloy diaphragm, biological vibration Film, liquid crystal diaphragm and so on. Most of the paper diaphragm used in the speaker, the general headset with plastic diaphragm; high-end wood headphones will use aluminum and titanium alloy diaphragm, such as JASKEY LIMITED R & D and production of HEP-0095 is a wood headphones with a steel Very good titanium alloy diaphragm, with the ideal transient and dynamic, and has a good analytical line, and has excellent balance, the domain can be developed to develop a high domain; top wood headphones will be used Beryllium alloy diaphragm, bio-diaphragm, LCD diaphragm, etc., these wood headphones are very high prices.

The effect of the diaphragm on the wood headphone unit: material, size, thickness, and surface pattern have an effect on sound quality.

Vibration film material: different materials have different elastic modulus of elastic modulus, internal damping, Poisson ratio, thickness, density, etc., these different effects directly affect the speaker Q value, resulting in different quality headset unit. High rigidity and high elasticity of the diaphragm, with good quality such as: transient, sensitivity, frequency response and so on.

Diaphragm size: The size of the diaphragm size determines the size of the moving coil unit. The larger the size, relatively speaking, can call out the better sound quality, but the sound radiation and resonance due to size increases. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the relatively easy to better bass will be better, smaller size, such as Φ3mm ~ 6mm sound will be relatively biased in the high frequency. Common diameter Φ3mm ~ 57mm, Φ16mm the following generally used in the flat and in-earwood headphones, Φ20 ~ 30MM generally used in headphones and wood headphones, Φ40 ~ 57MM generally used in medium and large wood headphones on.

Thickness of diaphragm: the maximum vibration to withstand the ability, the thinner the thickness of the film, the better the low frequency. Such as a few years ago the phone comes with wood headphones horn diaphragm thicker, mainly to call clear, high frequency is better. But now the phone and HIFI mobile phone headset diaphragm are thin, tend to listen to entertainment class. At present, the mainstream earphones use the speaker unit to use 6-9μm thickness of the diaphragm, in order to pursue better sound quality, there are some technical manufacturers to challenge the following 5μm diaphragm, the thickness of the micro-speaker diaphragm is the ultimate thickness.

Vibration film surface pattern: a lot of surface pattern, a round pattern, the sun pattern, water ripples and so on. A variety of patterns to increase the role of the main role of the ribs to increase the vibration of the diaphragm in the stiffness and increase the effective radiation area of ​​the diaphragm, but also a certain role in improving the damping. The deeper the lines, the greater the frequency density, the more clear the frequency.

Summary: voice coil and diaphragm material on the speaker unit quality of the most important components, headset manufacturers on the speaker unit material, design, and technology research up and down a lot of effort to design a different characteristics or more technical content of the product, The use of the introduction of wood headphones products sound quality on the public recognition.