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You can never guess why a singer wears cordless earphones when singing on stage

2020-04-24 18:10:24

Music, or joy, or sorrow, or melodious, or bold and rough... all so intoxicating. When enjoying the perfect performance of the shining singing stars on the stage, we can often see that they are wearing cordless earphones of various appearances on their ears. This is the custom-made cordless earphones. They once became the standard equipment for singers of all sizes on stage, and they are also the music weapon for earphone enthusiasts. Now many people who pursue high quality of life also favor them. So, what is the origin of custom cordless earphones?

Why do singers wear cordless earphones when they sing at a concert? After reading it, you will understand that on the stage, singers or band musicians need to listen to the accompaniment to sing, but the speakers on the stage are facing the audience, so the accompaniment that the singer hears actually comes from the speakers on the stage. Accompaniment sound is transmitted to the back wall of the auditorium and then reflected back to the accompaniment. According to the speed of sound transmission, the sound returns to the singer’s ears and the audience hears the accompaniment with a delay of 1, 2 seconds. This delay depends on the reflection angle. The length of the reflection, the intensity of the reflection, and the size of the room are closely related; therefore, if the singer listens to the returning accompaniment and sings again, the audience will hear the effect that the singer can't keep up with the rhythm!

The scientific name of the cordless earphones worn by the singer on site is called the "stage back-to-listening system", and the content played in the cordless earphones is the accompaniment plus the singer's own voice. The earphone-type listening system consists of two parts, one is a wireless receiver, which is used to receive the signal sent by the mixer, which is usually hung on the waist of the singer, and the other is a headset, which is plugged into the wireless receiver, which is what everyone sees. The earphone that arrived. There are several reasons why a back-to-listening system is needed for live performances: 1. The speakers in the concert venue are set up for the audience. The higher the frequency, the stronger the directivity of the sound. The accompaniment that the singer hears on the stage is Very muddy, in most cases the accompaniment cannot be heard clearly.

cordless earphones

2. The concert site is very noisy, and it is difficult for the singer to hear his own singing voice on stage. 3. In very large venues, due to the speed of sound transmission, the singer's accompaniment may be delayed.

Sometimes the stage is very large, and the sound emitted by the speakers at various points on the stage will have a small deviation when reaching a certain point. When this point is fixed, this small deviation will not have a great impact, but if it is moved, these slight differences will have a great impact, and even affect the performance. Therefore, a customized cordless earphones with good sound insulation effect and comfortable to wear came into being.

Therefore, in the front of the stage, there will be a few very large (back-to-listening) speakers facing the singer, not the audience. The function of these speakers is to allow the accompaniment to be fed back to the singer’s ears in time, allowing the singer to sing. The sound and accompaniment are fused together, even if they are fused together, there will be a certain delay, but people generally can't hear it!

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