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Speaker maintenance and maintenance guide

Eva 2020-10-07 09:56:04

Speaker maintenance and maintenance guide! The speaker's life is shortened, and it may be that these 7 small details have not been done!

As a durable consumer product, speakers are not prone to failures, but they often make you very annoying and bring us a lot of inconvenience. Taking precautions, doing a good job of maintenance and maintenance during the daily use of speakers can at least delay the time of speakers and make them more comfortable to use.

Today we will learn about the daily maintenance methods of speakers:

1.Dustproof is the first

Dust has always been the natural enemy of power amplifiers and speakers. In the course of many years of use, the dust that falls into the speakers will have a subtle impact on the sound quality. Clean the speakers at least once a week, and try to keep them free from dust. Place the speaker in a dusty place to extend the life of the speaker.

2.Do moisture-proof

Humidity is the "invisible killer" of speakers. The dampness of the speaker will cause physical deterioration of the horn's diaphragm during the vibration process, thereby accelerating the aging of the horn's diaphragm and directly leading to the degradation of sound quality.

In addition, humidity will aggravate the aging and breakage of the soft rubber ring of the speaker, and at the same time make some metal parts inside the speaker corrode and rust, causing unexpected failures.

The speaker should be placed in a relatively dry environment. If the environment is relatively humid, when the speaker is not in use, a large bag can be used to cover the speaker to prevent moisture. In addition, the speakers should keep playing for a period of time to prevent moisture from the heat emitted by themselves.

3. The temperature of the speakers and the environment should be appropriate

The various components in the speaker have certain requirements for temperature, such as wood, paper cone, tweeter film, suspension, bracket, adhesive and voice coil. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause unstable operation of the speaker components. Under normal circumstances, these subtle components will not cause problems. But if some families in the north have stoves, heating and other equipment, they should keep the speakers away.

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4. The placement of speakers

The speakers should be placed as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight or places where the temperature is too low. Because these places are particularly easy to cause the appearance and internal components of the speakers to age. In addition, the speaker is not suitable for placing in places with strong electromagnetic fields, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and other home appliances. The sound source interference will be affected by it.

5. Switch the speaker and adjust the volume to a suitable position

Passive speakers are basically equipped with an external power amplifier. The power amplifier is afraid of instantaneous current impact. If the instantaneous current is very large, it is easy to create a successful amplifier and be burned. Before turning on the audio source device, the sound of the speaker should be adjusted to minimum, and then turn up the volume after the audio source device is activated. On the contrary, when turning off the sound source, the volume of the speaker should be adjusted to the lowest value before turning off the sound source. In this way, the external power amplifier of the speaker can be well protected.

6. The speaker should be cleaned for a long time

After the speaker cable is used for a long time, the speaker cable end will inevitably be oxidized, which will cause the sound quality of the speaker to decrease. This requires cleaning the contact points with a cleaning agent or replacing the wires in order to maintain the sound quality for a long time.

7. Before playing speakers, check the line connection

Before using the speaker, it is best to check whether the speaker cable is connected properly, and also check whether the speaker cable is bitten by a mouse. Many speakers do not sound or the sound quality is degraded, but the wiring is a problem!

The simple maintenance and maintenance of speakers are mostly within their capabilities. Paying more attention to the details of maintenance and maintenance will greatly enhance the service life of the speakers.

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