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Shenzhen Jake Technology Co., Ltd. to expand activities

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-05-13

On the team, on competition

What is the team?
    A T-shirt to create the appearance of a team
When we have the time, then tidy look is colorful group of unrelated people clothes stand, just as the train station people queuing. There the team but we all know how that is, not even to the same place, with a train ....
    Shirt came, and then the time line, how to look is a team, even if we have their own ideas, goals, there are others. So anyway, this is a team, and have a common spirit or a common goal, that as & nbsp; with our corporate culture of this team is a team that looks like something.
    If the image that point; cultural shirt is the appearance, the corporate culture is the temperament, enterprise system and execution is the character. This can be seen what kind of a company.

Then is the establishment of the grouping and leadership.
1. investigation and observation
    By observing and asking to understand the status of junior staff, and fancy hired. Small group refused doctrine.
Team set up at the beginning, the most prone to this problem, according to well-known only to the degree. It may be enough to other considerations

2. unity of views
    The team needs to express their views, but the key decisions still need time. The need to control, otherwise chirp Za Za not practical, and there is no unified opinion, it is difficult to promote.
    The process of collecting the views of just one way to understand the views of, not to do so.
    In a small team is more important is leadership determination, distribute instructions to do things. mobilizer of ideas, then basically can not spread to everyone's point of view. So instead of high efficiency, strong target.

3. team coordinator force
I did a project called Tangram.We found the problem as follows:

1. each of the different departments have their own goals, how to coordinate. Although not sectarianism, but there are often problems of exchange of interests. Who should come to complete the task, how resource allocation and deployment.
2. If you want to own circulation department, poor leadership, when the formation of more confusion, unless there is a clear division start rule (uniform rules)
3.there must be clear and consistent direction and goals, there is the rule.
4.  to the last game when each team has found that the chances to score, as well as an original called leadership team. They just say I did not know how to do it and had to transfer as much as possible to help. After seeing this I think it is not in Sometimes I also this does, for the team, I was not passed by the knowledge of a message, helper. But not a strong leader do?

   When the entire team in disarray when what they do? What to do? What can be done? Maybe a lot of time we do not know everyone in the end what can be done or have the ability to do.

    Then take a look at high altitude, I suddenly found myself a few years ago now are very different from their own, if you were younger what age will probably like those at the top, like somebody crying could not move. But now I was in the lower visual look, it kind of told myself, psychological test. Not a physical fitness test. Easily passed. Here there is a problem. At the beginning, we do not go up, up one per person, below there are a bunch of people watching, then call down when the last pile. Then into successful applause, timid encouragement. Later it is probably too well in front, and it may be too much sun, in short, most people hid the sun, and then basically no one in the bottom of.

Think about a problem, the success / work & nbsp; become the norm when, how do we recover the passion? Or work to a certain stage, we how to activate the team? How to go to pursue something higher? Or whether enough success stories when it suddenly hit & nbsp; a timid fear, our psychology will happen? Incomprehensible? Despise? Or just go in accordance with the usual standard requirements?

The last question is the graduation wall
    The rules are clear, can not speak, but in fact, the coach at the time I still have not found accidentally discovered someone said something.
    This is a habit thing, when the rule suffered habits, how do we respond, how everyone was impressed, convinced acceptance. If not convinced, however, how to accept and comply with the
1. The rules specified
2. Power Authority
3. Training habits (this requires methods and techniques)

    A seemingly impossible task and a seemingly too harsh time. Then the direct guidance of coaches, with their own efforts here, finally completed beyond expectations
1.  professional degrees, if there is no methodological guidance of professional coaches, to explore their own probably will not fail
2.  with the last, one after another on a push a method should be especially effective, no one, who, only people chasing people. This is an ideal working environment and processes
3. help each other strength. Not just the people who step on the ladder is, you may want to go, you must first push people before, he went up you can go
4.  the foundation. Just as we work ladder platform, we are here to get a height, to be the basis of progress to climb. They seem to be unknown to the public, even when we are climbing are not clear what it was like. But it is this group & nbsp; the foundation of a fundamental achievements of our height.
5. the first one is always the hardest to say, our first team would like to build, the first customer to overcome, first signed an order with the customer. After successful, back on both smooth and fluent, the same time at high altitude is the same.

This expansion is not only experience the challenge on an experience, it is the life and work of introspection. Which encountered, I learned which summarizes what. Hope this expansion is a growth for everyone, an experience.