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2016 chinajoy VR and live popular

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2016-08-01

A four-day China Joy ended yesterday, although the 2016 chinajoy implemented the most severe "ban", but still can't stop players participating enthusiasm, visit the total number of 325500 person-time, rose 19.2% year-on-year, hit a record high.Of whom admission on July 30, 108000, and the successive Chinajoy one-day entry passengers.Speaker manufacturer

VR is the hot topic of ChinaJoy this year.VR platform is very hot in the venues, to try players in an endless stream.In SONY PSVR, storm mirror, such as hot booth, experience the VR spectators lined up to tens of meters, even was told to wait for several hours, the audience also said willingly.(Speaker manufacturer)
E-sports platform is also very hot.E-sports games such as WCA, campus e-sports contest, games like starcraft "hero alliance", has a high popularity, booth front three outer layer surrounded in the audience, gazing into the gamingsituation.According to the June 1, 2016 - the Chinese game industry report, analysis, game user differentiation will encourage diverse of game industry rapid development, e-sports will keep high speed development, VR games will become the new mobile game after a market segment.(Speaker manufacturer)
In addition to VR, live also became the hot of the 2016 chinajoy, including density, pandas live platforms such as TV, Chinese prickly ash appear one by one.Live content varied: some red anchor net, please stage to interact with fans;Some anchor wearing cosplay costume, holding the Selfie stick, the mobile phone while shopping CJ booth live;Some via live game attracts a lot of viewers.It is understood that the current Chinese live online platform is close to 200, 200 million users, the market size of about 9 billion yuan.(Speaker manufacturer)
During ChinaJoy, gestures all around game BBS and ariel Sharon, the common to talk about the present and future of game.The third anniversary of tencent mobile game and mobile e-sports salon, tencent games, vice President of Liu Ming talked about in the second half of 2016 and the outlook of the future market, expressed optimism.(Speaker manufacturer)
In 2016, according to an estimate of the internal and external data, the whole mobile game market size is expected to exceed 80 billion yuan.(Speaker manufacturer)
Liu Ming believes that the future of the mobile game market must or from the content to the channel to the operation of comprehensive strength of the contest.With the rapid development of mobile games industry, now the in-game experience has gradually extended to the game of competition.(Speaker manufacturer)

Authoritative data, according to a report in 2015 mobile e-sports game revenue was 5.97 billion yuan, the growth rate of 32.6%, in the first quarter of 2016 mobile games e-sports income has been as high as 4.1 billion yuan, accounting for one-third of e-sports market income.And from the point of user size, mobile e-sports users up to 197 million people in 2015, close to a quarter of their game users, its growth rate more than 50%, and also the hot industry to attract the attention of the capital, in the past year around the mobile e-sports related with 26 cases of mergers and acquisitions, and the investment and financing amount to more than one hundred million yuan.(Speaker manufacturer)
In such a context, tencent with the aid of the king of glory, "the king through the wire: gunfight" products, such as rapid occupation of e-sports of mobile.Tencent entertainment market, deputy general manager Hou Miao each revealed that tencent will try the e-sports professional mobile broken, and will be around the king of glory this phenomenal competitive products, study the real competitive system idea to build professional mobile e-sports, build e-sports big ecological health movement.