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Uav allows you to experience the feeling of flying

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-07-30 10:35:54

Engadget, according to media reports, the first person perspective (FPV) uavs can fly bring user immersive experience.Users by manipulating a vehicle carrying four mini camera axis, you can experience the feeling of flying through the video glasses.When using FPV, users will feel sitting in a virtual cockpit.(custom bluetooth speaker)

FPV aircraft is not a new thing, but previous FPV unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is too expensive or too complicated to operate.The release of the Blade, the Nano QX2 FPV drone price at around $150.That price in similar products is relatively cheap, and easy to operate, even without the operation experience of people can also be used.At the same time, this product can also be used in indoor.But beyond that, users also need to purchase and form a complete set of video glasses.Can fly indoors is very convenient, because users don't spend time looking for the open outdoor space.Comfortable lying in the home, can be used as the FPV unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).(custom bluetooth speaker)

Blade Nano QX2's body is very light, so users don't have to worry about security issues when using.Previous FPV unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) size is bigger, use when accidentally hurt other people easily.But this small FPV drone does not have much collision damage.Like the Phantom series of large outdoor uavs fly is generally stable, but Blad Nano QX2 requires constant adjustment in the process of use, in order to make sure it won't fall or collision.(custom bluetooth speaker)

QX2 another edge is its video transmission device.Many other similar products are all equipped with this device, but few are so cheap uav is equipped with a built-in wireless video link.QX2 transmission frequency of 5.8 GHz.And, QX2 has eight channels, that is to say, the user can use and noninterference with seven friends.QX2 camera resolution is not particularly high, because it is the main purpose of the first person perspective experience, rather than for shooting.First-person perspective and the audience view of the difference is that users can directly manipulate our aircraft, and the feeling of flying, it gives the user a very stimulating sensory experience.(custom bluetooth speaker)

FPV unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to some extent to meet the people longing for flying.Through the use of FPV drones and video glasses can experience the feeling of fly freely.QX2 very suitable for beginners, and flexible enough.FPV aircraft does not need any extra auxiliary tool, need only a RC emitter can be.And any type of RC transmitter can match.Beginners can generally use Fat Shark introductory video glasses, for $160.As the growth of the use of time, users might want more clear visual experience, so you can also choose $500 worth of Fat Shark Dominator hd video glasses or choose
Avegant Glyph is also very good.(custom bluetooth speaker)