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Why do all of my earbuds break so easily?

  • Author:Eva
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2020-01-18

There are a lot of reasons for why this might be happening.

1.) Youre buying cheap earbuds that are just going to break quicker than others because they are not as durable. (this shouldnt however matter that much if you are doing all the below stuff correctly lower quality earbuds will just always not last as long as higher quality ones)

2.) You arent coiling wireless noise cancelling earbuds up either at all or not the best way (To coil them up properly you must use the correct technique as explained in the below video to ensure the copper wire inside the cable is getting coiled nicely as well, not getting as damaged etc.) How to Coil Cables Properly by Sweetwater.

3.) You arentstoring wireless noise cancelling earbuds properly (There is no point in coiling them properly if you are just going to shove wireless noise cancelling earbuds in the bottom of your pocket or bag. Either have a dedicated hard shell case for wireless noise cancelling earbuds or a seperate pocket in your bag/jacket where they can fit in easily with room to breath and no likelyhood of getting squished or wet.

wireless noise cancelling earbud

4.) Youre sleeping whilst using wireless noise cancelling earbuds. (This long term use, unless you happen to sleep for the entire night on your back which most people dont or think they do but they actually roll around most night, will squish, bend and wreck the cables especially at the joining sections where the cable meets thewireless noise cancelling earbuds and the 3.5mm jack)

5.) Youre storing your phone in your front pocket and listening to music whilst doing lots of walking, bending over, stretching, running etc. (This will have the same effect as sleeping with them on however the damage is focused more on the section of the cord connected to the 3.5mm jack)

6.) It could also potentially actually be a problem with the device youre using I have had people tell me that their wireless noise cancelling earbuds arent working even though they had just bought them that day because their old ones had stopped working. First thing I did was test them on my computer which has a totally undamaged 3.5mm port and they worked perfectly and then I tried my wireless noise cancelling earbuds on their phone and they didnt work on their phone either. From this I could conclude that it was most likely a problem with the phone not the wireless noise cancelling earbuds.

Keep in mind there are other things it could potentially be however these in my opinion are some of the most common reasons why wireless noise cancelling earbuds break quickly and it could be a combination of multiple reasons.

Hope this helps!