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VR treadmill PK space position tracking

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2016-07-18

People endless imagination and yearning for to the virtual world, and VR technology for the human the gate opens up a new world.With the development of technology, the first thing we can show a glimpse through the head face of the virtual world, then you can use the handle controller to interact with the virtual world, and then there is a real freedom in the virtual world to walk.(Tws speaker

Free walk in VR mainly has two kinds of schemes, space and infinite space solutions customized programs.The latter refers to the through position tracking technology to people walking in the real world of synchronization to the virtual world, while the former is the main form of implementation is universal action platform, commonly known as VR treadmill.Available after Virtuix Omni VR treadmill has caused wide public concern, however, soon be HTC Vive Room - Scale position tracking technology to cover the limelight.(Tws speaker)

Progress of VR treadmill PK "trends" position tracking technology, who can make VR a free in the future?
Flagship immersive VR, visual alone, however, cannot achieve full immersion, this is the feeling of the gamingplayers may be more profound.When VR games, in the process of operation and progress, only in my hands and my head, it feels as if is in a wheelchair was pushed forward.Thus in immersive, or on the interesting, free walking is the trend of the development of the VR.(Tws speaker)

However free walk again with a big problem in the development of VR, motion sickness is closely linked.Motion sickness disease mainly divided into two kinds, respectively is visual motion sickness and simulate the motion sickness.Visual motion sickness disease is caused by the visual system vertigo, main show of the end-to-end delay caused problems.The "blame" simulation motion sickness disease is subtle and sensitive human brain.When the performer in the virtual world moving through manipulation of the handle and other peripheral role, change to the visual picture around to produce the appearance of the body in the mobile, and the perception of body state organs is aware of the body is not moved, two conflicting information in the brain after the intersection, the brain will enter a state of alert, produce dizzy to suspend this abnormal situation.Therefore, have the experience in experience, real run, be able to alleviate simulation motion sickness.(Tws speaker)

Therefore, the realization of walking around is not only to increase the immersive VR and fun, but also the key to solve the problem of dizziness.
In the Room - Scale spatial location tracking technology was born, HTC Vive implements RCC for all competitors.With this technology, HTC Vive users can in about 15 * 15 inches (about 4.5 x 4.5 m) to move freely within the space, enjoy travelling experience of VR.However, because of the complex beam line and limited space, the user has fall and hit the wall of worry.
While VR treadmill can help users solve the problem of fell down and hit the wall.At present, the enterprise engaged in the development of VR treadmill better known in the world there are mainly three, respectively is America's KAT VR Cyberith Virtuix, Austria and China.(Tws speaker)

Previously, KAT VR CEO PangChen KONTACT2016 partners exchange conference on two free walking in VR scheme are compared."Space custom high demand for space, need a certain area, and the limited scope of walking. Size and VR treadmill does not limit scene, to experience the freedom to move around, do not need to use the unnatural movement such as blinking way. In addition, VR treadmills have more strict protection measures, actually safer than Vive space position tracking to HTC, won't make the risk of users have crashed into the wall."(Tws speaker)

And the relevant person in charge of KAT VR also said, space and infinite space solutions customized scheme to solve the problem of displacement in VR, there is no relative merits, but at different application scenarios.VR treadmill can create unlimited virtual space in the true sense, can let the content team and the content of the imagination to make more good fun, and don't have to be limited to the narrow space.(Tws speaker)