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Brother orange of the orange to warner movie protagonist

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2016-07-13

Warner bros. pictures, announced that it will cooperate with BuzzFeed and will last for a blog post on the BuzzFeed fame of the story of "brother orange" to the screen.(custom speaker)

It lives in New York's Matt stowe pela (Matt Stopera) lost her cell phone in 2014.After the iPhone came to guangdong meizhou and out of a restaurant boss Li Hongjun's hands, because two people sharing pictures up stream has many Li Hongjun back pictures of orange trees, matt started to call this strange man "brother orange".(custom speaker)

As matt BuzzFeed reporter, in February 2015, according to this happen to him the wonderful experience wrote an article on people search, then translated Chinese version quickly in weibo rounds, and be "human" out of brother orange elder brother also appeared on weibo, contact matt.After two people become red in The net, so The elder brother of The brother orange and matt in China for a spin, and flew to Los Angeles with matt joined The U.S. talk Show Ellen Show (The Ellen Show).(custom speaker)

The story of the people of the two can get so much attention, really cannot leave the social network the spread of the virus type effect.Putting in weibo release on the same day, 24 hours for the reading of 20 million, a total of more than 100 million times of forwarding.But more attractive or dramatic story, two unrelated people because of a stolen iPhone photos and understanding, and established the friendship across geographical and language barriers, but also the hero of the story has a happy feeling of mystery, harvest a lot of fans on weibo.(custom speaker)

These elements in the story was also founded soon BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, by plan since the first film.Warner Brothers, and it is also the first attempt to red story movies.Flagship studios will also be involved in the production and distribution of the movie, this is by warner bros. and CMC jointly established in 2015, studio, focusing on the development of China's film market.(custom speaker)

In addition, Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen DeGeneres), matt stowe peralta himself and pulp fiction and no more question of freed producer Michael berg, Sam will be involved in the production of the film.The plot, the film will turn brother orange elder brother and matt the unexpected friendship as the main line, and adaptation of the story.
Warner Brothers temporarily did not reveal more details about the film, but the adaptation of the movie is expected to be in the mainland of red story.
(custom speaker)