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Speaker divider inductor

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2016-07-21

Music bluetooth speakers use frequency divider, a moving coil inductance and iron core inductors, where is the difference?What is good?

First a brief introduction of inductance.Is the enameled wire insulation around a coil inductance component, it to alternating current (ac) impedance function, the higher the frequency, the greater the impedance, if through the direct current, the impedance is zero, the inductance is equivalent to a circle of wire only.There is a formula to calculate the impedance: Z = 2 PI fL, which is suitable for inductance alternating current impedance, Z unit is the ohm (Ω), f is the frequency of the alternating current (ac), L is the inductance inductive components, unit for Henry (H).Is its main parameters in the inductance coil inductance, inductance and the structure of the coil, coil circle number, diameter and length, will affect the size of the inductance.In addition, the magnet coil center for media also has a great influence on the inductance, the inductance of the iron core inductors volume is much bigger than moving coil inductance.Iron core is a generalized concept, here can be silicon steel sheet, metal media such as permalloy, ferrite which can also be a kind of non-metallic medium, they are all good permeability material.

Divider using inductance, inductance generally from zero a few milli heng (mH, mH 1/1000 = 1 h) to 10 milli heng, with moving coil inductance and iron core inductors.Moving coil inductance's biggest advantage is linear, the inductance is very stable, frequency - impedance curve linear change, is the first selection of Hi - Fi Music bluetooth speakers divider.Moving coil inductance used in the frequency divider, high frequency channel is very suitable for, because the inductance is not big, can do small volume, light weight, but also save the enameled wire, lower cost;Large amount of low frequency channels of inductance, especially low frequency have even more so.If the hollow coil, need more laps around, more costly enamelled copper wire, not only increases the volume weight and higher costs, more important is to increase the total length of wire, wire coil and dc resistance increase.Loss of the dc resistance in addition to the input power of the Music bluetooth speakers, but also reduce the amplifier - Music bluetooth speakers system damping coefficient, the low frequency control have an adverse effect.To minimize the dc resistance of inductance coil, it is bound to use coarse wire winding, as a result, the inductance of the volume, weight, become larger, the cost is also higher.If low frequency channel using iron core inductors, can greatly reduce the number line loops, problem solved, such as volume, weight, cost, and easy to winding dc resistance control within a reasonable size.However, disadvantages as well as iron core inductors, its linear moving coil inductance, may cause the signal distortion.

For this reason, some audiophiles shrugged off iron core inductors, even as long as you saw with iron core inductors, concludes that sounds not good.Obviously, this view is too arbitrary, is objective.Iron core inductors although there is a nonlinear, but as long as reasonable design, the signal can be ignored, the influence of enthusiasts as a classic of MSP - K6 Music bluetooth speakers is a the most compelling example (MSP - K6 with iron core inductors).So, with a moving coil inductance or iron core inductors, depending on the specific situation, there is no absolute answer.

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