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Study of machine exoskeleton breakthroughs

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-10-13 16:43:41

Engineers have developed a tight-fitting machine that allows users to turn around when walking, which is the first time that the technology has the ability to turn. This is an important breakthrough for the engineers, which means that the injured people in the future to use at home auxiliary bone, without having to stay in the hospital to recuperate.

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Outer bone skeleton research breakthrough, for the first time to help turn the ability!
Machine exoskeleton is usually used for rehabilitation, they can help patients to resume walking ability. Usually the machine exoskeleton need to install the motor at the joint, through the motor to the rigid parts of the transmission power, to achieve the movement of the wearer's body. But this technology has a problem, all the exoskeleton can only let you achieve a straight walk, can not achieve the turn.

Steve Collins of Stanford University in the United States said: "It is really important to help users achieve the turn, but this problem has not been resolved before." Now Japan's Matsushita Electric Research Institute Stephen John and his colleagues have solved this problem The
Their design, with the help of the sliding robotics principle, looks a bit like a taut pants with an external motor. The device contains eight motors, a battery and a control system, and is carried on the back of the user. This design does not use the motor to drive the body directly, but through the buttocks of the four brake device control software plastic line, by contraction of human muscle movement to achieve physical movement.

"The most distinctive feature of this machine armor is the way in which the plastic thread is wrapped around the legs," said Collins. "This unique way allows different motors to work together to complete the leg movement." In the initial test, five healthy Of the testists closed the eyes of the armor were tested, each time they are able to balance the situation to complete the turn. John plans to conduct a wider range of tests in the disabled.

"The ability to change in the course of walking is critical to home exoskeletons because it is necessary for the patient to use it at home," John said. "Once people get this device and recover from the rehabilitation facility Some of the ability to act, then they will be able to use this device more naturally at home. This device is also a gospel for the elderly, it can help the elderly to live independently. John said the old people could wear and wear all day in the morning.

Researchers say the next goal will make this device easier to manipulate. John is studying a sensing system that can detect a slight turn of the wearer to help them complete the steering action. He also explores how to sit and stand when people use this device. "Our goal is to help people achieve all the important actions they need in their daily lives," John said.