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Material that affects the unicorn speakers quality

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-11-16 15:49:38

The main parts of the unicorn speakers are the speakers, so what are the materials that affect the sound quality of the speakers?There are several points to be noted in the construction of loudspeakers:

Electrodynamic loudspeaker diaphragm there are several kinds of materials, the paper has a long history of diaphragm, take its light and with appropriate damping characteristics, are still have adopted by the insist, but the paper diaphragm are susceptible to mildew damp or deformation, the surface hardness is low, does not produce high radiation acoustic velocity.But the sound of the bass horn is full and deep and perfect.Now the paper diaphragm is mostly used on the bass and middle horn, and the paper diaphragm's loudspeaker has almost died out.

In the eighty s, plastic diaphragm began to appear, the tenor and bass speaker on the BBC USES bextrene at first, then pp generally gradually, more and more popular, today's unicorn speakers use accounts for a large proportion of the material.Polypropylene Yin has characteristics of high vibration membrane, is not affected by damp, can the thickness of the plastic cast out any need and achieving shape, light and hard, physical properties and sound features are well, polypropylene can be mixed with other materials plastic moulds hardness higher vibration membrane, such as hybrid ceramic powder, glass fiber or graphite, etc., change a lot, as for actually polypropylene diaphragm, diaphragm sound is better than paper, USES the material manufacturer, seem only advantages and without fault, but some people still think paper diaphragm sound better, polypropylene with "plastic" smell.In any case, the material of polypropylene has been welcomed by manufacturers and manufacturers, and it is not limited to the use of medium and bass unicorn speakers, but also for high-pitched megaphones.

Metal diaphragm has appeared in the eighty s, but the technology only at the early stage, show many disadvantages, such as the sound of dry, high spine ears, although transient response is fast but not natural tone, after years of improvement, soprano unit hemisphere metal diaphragm first success, materials including aluminum, aluminum alloy and titanium light metals, such as to display the advantages and avoid disadvantages, and in recent years metal diaphragm coloration unit become popular again, even unicorn speaker also adopted.
In recent years, acoustic energy has been used to make all-metal diaphragm speakers, which are highly rated, but expensive.Following ae, monitor audio has developed an all-metal diaphragm speaker, moving this technology to a more mature stage.The full metal diaphragm unicorn speaker has the advantages of fast sound speed, clean and crisp, high performance of high notes and high transparency.NSP-229A unicorn speaker are made of metal diaphragm speakers with clear and wide sound.
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On the edge of the diaphragm with a circle around and connection, it is a kind of soft material to provide free suspension for diaphragm, there are many types of materials used, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PVC plastic, early some manufacturers use more coating cloth, they all waved or positive and negative half edge make smooth to achieve the specified degree dish, air cushion type loudspeaker woofer edge will face high complaisant spend so that large activities, generally need breathable loudspeaker is edge smooth degree is low, this is considering that material.


Horn stents work is to keep the stability and the mechanical structure for the activities of the diaphragm to provide accurate, scaffold must is solid in construction and avoid resonance, general horn with scaffold materials such as steel, aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy, steel lining is made from high pressure, if steel material thickness is also quite strong, many large diameter woofer still steel bracket, but if the steel material too thin, easy to cause resonance, steel stent manufacture cost is low, so widely used in the low speakers.

Aluminum or magnesium alloy die-casting stents are better in robustness and anti-resonance, and the exterior is more expensive, but this kind of support is more expensive than steel frame.Some unicorn speakers, especially Japanese ones, are not expensive but also use alloy die-casting stents, mainly to make the appearance more attractive, in fact the horn is not very good.

Unicorn speaker Voice coil
voice coil according to the needs of high, medium and low unit and there are different, unicorn speaker voice coil with very fine wire wound, including copper wire and aluminum wire, aluminum wire weight is lighter, can obtain a better transient response, but in terms of bearing capacity and durability than copper wire, alto and bass speakers use copper wire around the voice coil, and can withstand the high power with thicker copper wire, some woofer increase bearing capacity of around 2 to 4 layer voice coil, copper also different.
such as round, hexagonal and rectangular cross section, the most common round wire, hexagonal and rectangle line can closely packed leaving no gaps, can increase the cooling efficiency increase power capacity accordingly.

More than ordinary unicorn speaker voice coil around on the tube, but the paper is not a good heat conductor, only has the advantages of light, in order to increase the cooling efficiency, some unicorn speakers use aluminum or kapton voice coil tube, the voice coil is fixed on the tube for better heat dissipation, a significant increase in bearing capacity, recently more and more speakers use this material.

Burn the unicorn speakermost commonly occur on the loudspeakers, because of the voice coil made of fine wire wound is unable to bear large power, some unicorn speakers equipped with protection circuit, to truncate automatically when the input current is too high or lower current prevent damage of loudspeakers.The middle and bass speakers are stronger and less prone to burn, and only when the input is strong may lead to a pitch or deflection.

The magnet

Early horn with magnesium nickel cobalt alloy magnets (alinco), it has the advantages of high strength and easy to prevent leakage magnetic hysteresis, but higher and higher manufacturing costs, manufacturers are forced to adopt iron oxide magnets, which is also called ceramic magnets, it also has a very high magnetic, but need to use large, some of the bass unicorn speaker magnets weighing 20 to 30 pounds, magnetic field spread strong sex, use must be carefully controlled in flood control and magnetic place.

There is a kind of rare earth magnet called samarium cobalt, its magnetic force for traditional magnet for five to six times, so just use a small amount to achieve sufficient strength, clam, the magnet is very expensive, more suitable for high unit, alto and bass unit is very rare.

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