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The role of ozone generator

Emily 2020-10-26 14:48:46
1. Better than chemical disinfection methods: Ozone generator, as a highly efficient, broad-spectrum gas disinfectant with no residual pollution, has particular advantages over the disinfectants commonly used in the food industry. Compared with chemical disinfectants such as peracetic acid, potassium permanganate, formaldehyde (formalin), sulfur dioxide, etc., its sterilization ability is appropriate to that of peracetic acid and higher than other disinfectants.
Ozone generator will differentiate into oxygen by itself, no residual pollution occurs, and no ventilation is required after disinfection. Conventional disinfection requires ventilation or chemical neutralization, which is troublesome and reduces the disinfection effect. Ozone can be directly used for sterilization or anti-mold preservation of food, and it is simple and easy to use for dry sterilization. The ozone sterilization concentration is a very weak oxidizing concentration for food, and it is harmless to food.

portable ozone generator
2. Better than UV irradiation
(1) Ozone generator is permeated everywhere and there are no dead ends. As long as the ultraviolet rays are irradiated to the surface of the object and reach a certain irradiance intensity specification, it has a sterilization effect. Food workshops are generally relatively large, so that the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is far from enough, especially when the distance is far, the radiation will have a big blind spot, such as processing the lower part of the cutting board. Ozone generatoris a gas with strong permeability, good dispersion, uniform concentration, and no dead ends.
(2) Fast sterilization speed. Ultraviolet irradiance sterilization requires a longer period of action, generally irradiating for more than 6 hours, while the ozone meeting the standard concentration only needs to be turned on for more than 1 hour.
(3) The sterilization effect is better under high humidity. When the relative humidity of the environment reaches more than 60%, the sterilization effect of ultraviolet irradiation will drop sharply. When the humidity reaches more than 80%, it can induce bacteria to regenerate. The opposite is true for Ozone generator. The higher the humidity, the better the sterilization effect. This is because the cell membrane swells and becomes thinner under high humidity, and its arrangement is simply damaged by ozone. This feature is particularly suitable for the high humidity environment that prevails in the food industry.
(4) It has low-concentration cleaning function. Producers must leave the site during UV irradiation. After the irradiation is completed, they cannot be cleaned with low-power UV irradiation; during ozone generator disinfection, they must leave the scene. After the disinfection is completed, the amount of ozone generation can be reduced, and the low concentration that meets the national health regulations should be used. Ozone continues to maintain clean air in the production workshop.

ozone generator
3. Excellent deodorization and purification effect
Relying on its strong oxidizing properties, Ozone generator can quickly differentiate the organic or inorganic substances that produce odors and other odors and then reach the deodorization effect, and differentiate the original odorous substances into harmless substances. For example: the oxidation of ammonia into carbon dioxide and water.
It is mainly composed of material gas (compressed air or oxygen) supply system, ozone generator host, ozone transportation system, ozone generator cooling system and other parts.
Concentration   The air source ozone concentration can reach 3% ~ 6% wt, and the oxygen source can reach 6% ~ 14% wt.