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How to turn a mini wireless speaker into a listening device?

Hedy 2020-10-24 15:48:31

If the mini wireless speaker in mind has a microphone, then you can just connect to it from a computer that has Bluetooth capability. If the mini wireless speaker does not have a microphone, there is no way to do so without physically adding one, plus the hardware to make it transmit audio. At that point, you’re just stuffing a wireless microphone into the box.

Regardless, the question implies you intend to use it for clandestine recording or observation, which is illegal in any “two party consent” state and illegal in all states if you are not part of the conversation.

Put Bluetooth in pairing mode depends on the device you’re trying to pair. On the phone or tablet, you have to go to the settings and look at the Bluetooth section. There will be a place to activate a scan for new devices, so start there.

mini wireless speaker

On the device itself, typically you’ll press and hold the power on button to enter pairing mode, at which point the phone or tablet will detect the device and begin the pairing process. But read your device’s manual for the specifics on pairing, many devices use a different sequence.

Go for the mini wireless speaker as your first pick, they look great and have good sound, good battery and they’re waterproof to a degree. The mini wireless speaker is super easy to use and you can connect another mini wireless speaker to the same device.

If you want a small one and want to get great sound, we recommend our mini wireless speaker, we also have newest version - Dancing Fruit Led Speaker which is swing dancing with music player, frequency spectrum 7 LED lights and with TWS wireless connection. This model was Audio Visual Products Winner in HK EIA 2019.