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Live + VR is a huge attraction?

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2016-06-16

This year two of the most popular Internet startup subject, but live and VR, the competition between live platform and capital has entered the white-hot stage, throw money at the same time, VR is the new direction of capital chasing, every Internet platform is thinking about the direction of thrust a foot.

Live + VR will form an equivalent wide appeal point directly, directly to upgrade to the VR will broadcast stage, this is a kind of aggressive?
Hold a conference last week,prickly ash, announced on-line VR live zones, more announced a total investment of more than 100 million yuan.prickly ash competition will broadcast this action is upgraded to VR field directly.
Prickly ash will focus on the VR technology, looks a little green will is a kind of adventure?

Analysys data released by the prickly ash data to rise rapidly, this could be the proof of its prepared to attack VR.Analysys recently released the mobile APP list to rank may, according to the rank of the APP, the outbreak of the live video is very prominent, industry overall quarter-on-quarter growth rate reached 50%, which the performance of the prickly ash is stunning, the year-on-year growth rate reached 191%, the growth rate for first pan live entertainment platform, considering the prickly ash from the launch and arrival force VR is just less than a year, that's a good report card.

Prickly ash are quickly jumped mean?Live in my watch, is to enhance viscosity, the video 2.0 era of an important inflection point signal and time.
VR + live naturally has a sticky.Live a group of users more is silent, VR live let these silent group directly from the onlookers became participants, between the anchor and users within the boundaries of the phone screen close to within less than one meter, interactive strong, just like when you are dancing, she is in front of you to dance with you, you feel so close close contact with the host, fans and users can't be with the host more frequent interaction and "intimate contact"?
Prickly ash ambition is clearly not just do a live show, it expects to make a platform that can have on the electricity, wechat business, medical education online and so on and so on.
Good felling, look,prickly ash do VR is thought a lot, for full.But there are problems, actually eight elder sister also said that it is VR now only the production of body fluid, glasses were bought a few, a few people use VR devices, VR can be a little aggressive aggressively do now?
Maybe it is to learn the Internet business model and a free textbooks.
Prickly ash, it seems, has been the first to live in the field of war in the field of VR.The other live platform, what do you think?
After live has entered the era VR, there may be other industries will also participate in to VR, looks after the VR products market potential is very big!