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Google set up artificial intelligence research agencies in Europe

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-06-17 16:24:07

On June 16, news, according to a report in PCWorld, Google will set up the artificial intelligence research institutions in Europe..(Earphone manufacturer)

Google does not conceal its AI (artificial intelligence) ambition, on Thursday announced its implementation AI bold plan the next step: research in Europe to set up new departments focus on machine learning..(Earphone manufacturer)

Will be popularized in the future world, intelligent fields, smartphones, smart TV, smart wear, smart home, intelligent network platform, and so on dressing, intelligence will be more and more widely, high degree of intelligence will be more and more..(Earphone manufacturer)

Google research department director of Europe, immanuel Morgan nita (Emmanuel Mogenet), according to the new department is located in Zurich, Switzerland, the Google research organization, focus on three key areas of artificial intelligence: machine intelligence, perception and natural language processing and understanding..(Earphone manufacturer)

The new department will study how to improve the machine learning in infrastructure and make investment in science and technology and practical.The researchers will also work closely with linguists to promote natural language understanding.Machine intelligence have been used for Google products including Google translation, image search and inbox auto reply..(Earphone manufacturer)

And Zurich is Google outside the United States the largest engineering research institute.Where researchers developed a Knowledge map (Knowledge Graph) use of the engine, and Google news Allo session Google assistant used in the application of the engine

Google's presence in Europe was not always smooth, face antitrust scrutiny and tax issues.Google DeepMind department is located in London, England, Alphago go software is developed.(Earphone manufacturer)