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If use AR shopping users will like it?

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-06-16 17:06:18

With the popularity of VR glasses, virtual reality technology is already very mature, and AR augmented reality also get rapid development, more and more companies to layout, augmented reality and most said bullish on this field, and developed the related augmented reality.

According to the latest news, the United States VISA credit card brand with augmented reality developers Blippar cooperation, make the iPhone and android users to take pictures of the clothes, you can quickly complete the buying process.Dutch House (House of Holland) founder Henry Holland said: "by Blippar browse and buy clothes, largely reduced the burden of people, have to say that this is an amazing technology. As consumers and fashion enterprise boss, this technology is also been the dream of us."(VR glasses)
The emergence of the technology undoubtedly accelerated the development of the present market of augmented reality, but we really need it?Compared with the traditional shopping website, convenient for people shopping experience?
From the experience, when the user wants to buy goods, you first need to placed the phone in their favorite items, and then click on the screen(VR glasses,), the corresponding Blippar browser will find the products, finally can provide users with retailer's website to buy.(VR glasses)
VR glasses
While convenient users to buy their favorite items follow one's inclinationsly, but according to the above steps down, for the impatient users, is bound to affect the user's shopping experience, users would feel is not as good as in the traditional Internet purchase items directly by scanning the qr code come true.And, unless it is in the large clothing conference, user can anytime, anywhere to shown on the model of clothing, assuming that a change of scene, when a user with a mobile phone to shoot with the pedestrians on the road, will not cause embarrassment, inconvenience to others, whether the violation of personal privacy, even if the user's purpose just want to buy like things

Technically, the user must use the corresponding browser to purchase goods, whether the future technological development can let users no longer limited to using the corresponding browser, on the other hand, have to mention is that the background site would be able to ensure that the database is updated, for example, in the process of users to buy, when the majority of users to buy a dress in at the same time, if the website backstage database is not to update the current clothing inventory, and the user is finished shopping order, in the case of businesses out of stock, can't timely delivery, so that businesses will want to compensate for the consumer.(VR glasses)

In general, the emergence of this technology will change the way we buy items of consumption, but the advantages and disadvantages coexist, only in technology and continuously improve in terms of convenience of customers shopping, will be sought after by more users.(VR glasses)