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JASKEY LIMITED passed the audit of SEDEX - 4 pillar

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-08-12 18:46:41

One year under the joint efforts of all the employees in the company, JASKEY LIMITED  On August 11, 2016,passed the audit of SEDEX - 4 pillar.
SEDEX - 4 pillar certification includes: labor standards, health and safety, environmental protection, the good faith management four parts.
Can smoothly through the certification is a reflection of group work force company, is the chi shing does not fear the difficulty facing the result of a goal.

In the early stage of the personnel manager kelvin zhou to dock with the tutors docking with the certification company lack of the related documents conform to the relevant regulations of the SEDEX file.As stipulated in the SEDEX build employee files, employee attendance, employee payroll, etc., for employees to buy social security insurance, conform to the labor law of the labor contract signed between, etc., conduct orientation to arrange the employee to have safety training.
In this year tutor high teachers pay a lot of hard work, SEDEX system of overall planning, making the SEDEX operation plan and staff training, staff SEDEX knowledge training, coordinate departments SEDEX operation and so on.In order to let employees faster into the SEDEX, high teacher to explain in detail the SEDEX knowledge also please fire brigade zhang instructor for everyone on fire control knowledge, the use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, fire knowledge fled the scene, and so on, zhang instructor did fire acting also guide the staff at the scene.Adds a lot to our fire safety consciousness.

Electrician work in this year also did a lot of, workshop wire circuit aging screening inspection, check the power switch, electrical equipment, ensure the safety of the production of electrical equipment in the workshop to arrange installed signs, emergency lights, and so on.
Production workshop director wong is also the most hard, he was directly responsible for on the site, with the whole workshop of production safety responsibility.His own learning at the same time SEDEX related documents and according to hold the line, in addition to teaching staff, production training on employees, at any time to teach employees the safety in production operation, make the employees form a good habit.

Through the certification of the JASKEY LIMITED  company's overall quality level has been greatly improved, the company will pay more attention to corporate social responsibility.Employees also have a sense of belonging to the company, the production of speakers and headphones product quality improve a lot.