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Apple China website sale iPhone 7 headphones

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-08-13 14:48:41

According to media reports the iPhone 7 basic determine cancel the regular 3.5 mm bluetooth headphones, make a lot of headset enthusiast depressed, some news exposure before also said the new from the headphones will not be as 7 together with the iPhone, and need consumers to buy, and now the apple China website has sold the first open iPhone 7 interface headphones, but it is a high price.

In apple's new bluetooth headphones on sale of a total of two paragraphs, are from the third party brand Audeze, models respectively "EL - 8 Titanium Closed - Back", "EL - 8 Open - Back".

Apple for these three bluetooth headphones said: the two bluetooth headphones first to provide fully integrated 20 connectors for the iPhone, but thanks to 20 cables in the built-in headphone amplifier and 24 - bit DAC, it can bring excellent music and voice performance, feel special planar magnetic drive from top Audeze headset series of advantages.

The two bluetooth headphones are sold in the apple China website, price is 6498 yuan respectively, 6498 yuan, 4-6 weeks after order delivery, just in time to catch and 7 tie-in use iPhone.
Apple's official website to sell the two headsets for the average user is quite expensive, here small make up to you to promote a high-end atmosphere cost-effective wood bluetooth headphones LT1, the bluetooth headphone adopted solid durable aluminum metal as the main structure, ear cavity is a high-grade ebony materials, earmuffs for protein leather memory sponge wearing soft and comfortable.In all the material of sound cavity wooden sound quality is the best, to achieve the best sound quality design adopted the ebony as this bluetooth headphones cavity.Head load using folding design, easy to receive, or so ear cover can rotate 360 degrees more comfortable to wear.This wood headphones is the biggest advantage of price, retail price on around $50, and the same headphones market retail price to more than $500.