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Israel launch strongest security mobile phone in the world

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-08-04 12:20:14

On August 4, a simple design, no jewelry, more no Israeli high-tech gimmicks Sirin Labs launched the android mobile phone, actually charged at least $17400, is really surprising.If, however, to know its connotation, the price may become very economical.

Sirin Labs, the company launched a series of mobile phones, called Solarin has national data encryption technology, and can pass the military-grade KoolSpan encryption chip, mobile phones within the data for 256 - bit AES encryption protection, and the fingerprint recognition system, known as "the most tight security today" Android phone protection mechanism.This hand is configured with the latest bluetooth functionality, compatible pairing bluetooth waterproof speaker NSP-0049 is the latest popular, bluetooth from 15 to 25 meters, can wear bluetooth waterproof speaker of the swimming pool with the phone via bluetooth connection play music, sports and music to enjoy.It is a new Bluetooth waterproof speaker in 2016. It belongs to the Bluetooth waterproof speaker series. It has durability, deep bass and waterproof, dust-proof and rust-proof characteristics, and adopts a strip-shaped design.
bluetooth waterproof speaker
Solarin king pin objects to often want to transmit sensitive information of international political business.Solarin have good phone at the same time equipped with, such as 5.5 inch screen, 2 k of the resolution 24 million pixels within the main camera, 128GB storage space and 4GB of memory, but picked up the old qualcomm S810 processor, a little surprise.
In recent years the rapid development of smart phones bring people many conveniences, people also more and more inseparable from the mobile phone, work, life, entertainment and so on are closely associated with mobile phone, security problem has become one of the important factors to buy mobile phones, believe that this phone will be due by all of us.