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What should we pay attention to when choosing true wireless bluetooth earbuds? (3)

The power of wireless earbuds has always been one of the features consumers care about most, and of course the same is true when buying true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The true wireless bluetooth earbuds do not have a cable to install the battery. The battery can only be stored in the small body of the left and right ears. In order to improve the battery life, most of the true wireless bluetooth earbuds on the market use the "headphone binding charging storage.

What should we pay attention to when choosing true wireless bluetooth earbuds? (2)

People who love sports will care about the protection of earphones. There are many true wireless bluetooth earbuds on the market that claim that they can be used for sports. If you want to use this kind of product for sports, you must pay attention to the IPXX protection factor when buying. The first X is a dustproof coefficient of 0~6, and the second X is a waterproof coefficient of 0~8. The higher the coefficient, the better the protective performance of the headset. One thing you can pay special attention to, if you want to wear true wireless bluetooth earbuds to swim in the water, the waterproof coefficient of the earphone must reach IPX7 or higher.

What should we pay attention to when choosing true wireless bluetooth earbuds?(1)

In addition to the well-known big brands we have introduced that have launched true wireless bluetooth earbuds, in fact, there are so many brands on the market that have launched such products, and many of you may not even have heard of the name. The prices range from cheap to expensive, and the quality is also variable. Not all. For those who want to buy true wireless bluetooth earbuds for the first time, if they don’t do some homework before buying, they really don’t know where to start. So what should I pay attention to when buying true wireless bluetooth earbuds? The following author has compiled the purchasing guide of 6 true wireless bluetooth earbuds, so that you can buy true wireless bluetooth earbuds for the first time.

Why do all of my earbuds break so easily?

You aren’t storing wireless noise cancelling earbuds properly (There is no point in coiling them properly if you are just going to shove wireless noise cancelling earbuds in the bottom of your pocket or bag. Either have a dedicated hard shell case for wireless noise cancelling earbuds or a seperate pocket in your bag/jacket where they can fit in easily with room to breath and no likelyhood of getting squished or wet

UPS delivery using UAV

UPS is a member of the UAV FAA Advisory Board. CyPhy Works co-founder and chief technologist Helen Greiner • sodium said: "Now we do not need to apply through the red tape to obtain FAA special approval to conduct commercial operations." Last year, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, through its investment to a CyPhy pen an undisclosed amount of money.(speaker factory)

HKTDC 2020 Online Fair

Welcome to visit us via HKTDC Online Fair , please contact with us via mail for more information, thanks!

Why are large portable speakers more popular?

Nowadays,large portable speaker are very common in the market. Not long ago, Meizu also released a small Bluetooth speaker. So why are large portable speakers so popular?

How to use tws bluetooth headset

After the tws bluetooth headset is paired, the mobile phone needs to search for bluetooth devices. Generally, it takes about 5 seconds tosearch for the tws bluetooth headset.Most cell phone passwords are 0000 or 1234, but some are specially set by the manufacturer, which will be detailed in your tws bluetooth headset manual.


China wireless speaker factor:Most literary and poetic ancient village in guangdong

  • Author:Jason
  • Source:Jaskey Limited
  • Release Date:2013-12-10
    For many people the impression that the village has been, a dirt road, thirty-five farmland, seventy-eight courtyard until went Sanshui many ancient villages, only to find that the traditional charm of southern Guangdong read, we need to stop and hurry, here Each of the ancient village, with its own uniqueness. There is a place, before over the kinds of plum, villagers living together, wok ear houses, ancient banyan tree, the old shrine, Gaudi House ...... went into it, as they walked into another time.

Is typical of the breadbasket of the Pearl River Delta
    Big Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City, located in the northwest, with a total area of ​​164.16 square kilometers, north of Zhaoqing Wang farm, southwest connected with Guangzhou Huadu and Qingyuan Shek Kok, respectively, through the territory of the North River. 28 km away from downtown trihydrate (Southwest town), 56 km from Foshan City, 60 kilometers away from Guangzhou city, a superior location.
The town is flat, was from west to east, gradually sloping trend was from northwest to southeast. Belong to hilly areas, mountainous area of ​​48,000 acres total, more than 200-300 meters above sea level hill town of vegetation coverage in more than 50%. Yellow to red soil conglomerate soil, granite red soil, sand shale lateritic red soil based. Historically, large natural disasters Town less fertile land, is typical of the land of plenty Pearl River Delta.

Previous plum species everywhere
    Richly Meihuacun east, west, "Wang Tian nest." No legendary land of plum, into Meihuacun, but added three trees in front of the village on the century-old banyan tree suddenly attracted our attention. There are small groups of villagers under a tree in the chat, we approached to ask, a 60-year-old villager very warm to us to lead the way. The villagers said that before the big banyan Meihuacun planted generations ago, this village so far has been 500 years of history, ancestors came from Guizhou, relocation, and now more than 300 people in the village will, all HU surname. Why is it called Meihuacun? Here only because the village before the village over the previous species plum fruit, but then the weather gradually gets hot, a dozen years ago, Meihuacun no longer see the fruit of plum blossom, and later slowly withered, until now, actually one are gone.

Scientific village layout is conducive to drainage
    There are five former village pond, was plum-like distribution, water is very clear, after the village pond neatly lined columns, hillside house, slightly downward, low-village after high before, every yard on the ground is also oblique, are conducive to drain. Each column is a narrow street between the houses quartzite, age-old long moss, stone street every few meters chisel culvert, every household can be discharged sewage water along the terrain has been sent to the front of the village pond and then discharged into the creek. Village is very quiet and clean, not many young people, like the rest of it and the rest of the elderly and children left behind. By passionate owner agrees, I entered an old house, I saw the inside of the pattern is the kitchen, patio, storage room, a hall bedroom, the previous wells can now use.

Plum-shaped windows tell the old rich
Although the whole village could not find a plum, but there is still an old house left plum-shaped windows. The villagers said that there has been a long time no one lived, it is a household in the village, "nine generations does not help the mud," the rich built 100 years ago, was once built a nine such distinctive house. Before 9 Kan Uk has a "rose window", then there are seven of the "rose window" into the general windows. Then after another one longitudinal side lane roadway, I had to find another seat there, "rose window" of the old house. This "rose window" is the only remaining two of the best preserved. The villagers said that before the village a total of 700 acres of arable land, but only lasts three forty people, and therefore household has three mu, the more affluent, attracted a lot of bandits, so the villagers will open a small window with theft. The village has many plum-shaped before the windows of the house, but mostly collapsed, and now only two, and thus become a necessary tourist village land.

Xin Tamura: talented villages
Nan Fung Avenue into the city from the Sanshui (S269) to walk 30 kilometers over the direction of Lubao Lubao Lubao Bridge turn right into the road, a few kilometers after entering S118 go north a few kilometers to go before the big pond of Xin Tamura. Arch into the village, I saw a large pond in front of the village, the water ducks swim freely, scene seamless. Tang Ancestral Hall is behind the pond. Vehicle along a concrete road into the village, street several ancient banyan trees; these trees said to be 120 years old, was admitted to fame ancestors had planted. Stopped the car and asked the villagers, I was told, Sanshui Xin Tai Tong Tin existing around 1,000 villagers, surnamed Li, 700 people, about 300 people surnamed Deng. Now cement road along the edge of the pond have been walking past, about 500 meters away can be found in four temples, 10 representatives of fame flagpole stone, seven sanctum, and a lot of guxiang. We really found fame flagpole stone, it is granite pedestal, about a person high, 10 cm thick, 50 cm apart at one pair of granite top perforation, one with words, to get fame and name of the person marked the years, a wordless , two vertical. Two tie a square hole in the bar, during which can be tied to a flagpole flying the flag, flagpole named Stone.

    It contains:In mid-October 1868, one day, the ruling Qing Dynasty Emperor Tongzhi seventh year, Datang Xin Tamura drums, the village first Scholars Li Yi Qing obtain Scholars in this year, this is the big family line, so Lee family surname massive construction projects, invited craftsmen built the great hall. 18 years later, Lee has a one Scholars - Li Huanyao in BingXu Guangxu (1886) passed the successful candidates dimethyl, after hand-picked into Hanlin as Shuji Shi. Since then, here and there have been eight children, surnamed Li, get fame, to be erected on the iconic shrine pond in front of the flagpole to stone. Can be seen in a village ten Sanshui fame Stone, described previously PRD is still very great importance to education, where the flagpole stone left us evidence, talented people in the village though gradually unknown, but they are still waiting for this , silently telling the centuries lost glory.