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China bluetooth speaker factory:China is playing an enormous charisma Dream

  • Author:Jason
  • Source:Jaskey Limited
  • Release Date:2013-12-10
    International Seminar on "China Dream World Dialogue" organized by the State Council Information Office, China Foreign Languages ​​Publishing and Distribution Administration and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences in Shanghai hosted the opening of the 7th. State Council Information Office Cai Mingzhao attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech, the following is the text of a keynote speech:

   China is playing an enormous charisma Dream
                                                - Keynote Speech at the International Symposium on Chinese dream
                            China's State Council Information Office Cai Mingzhao (December 7, 2013 Shanghai)

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:
   Very pleased with our friends gathered Shanghai, China dream of words. Shanghai adjacent to the Yangtze River, facing the sea, is the forefront of China's contact with the world, is the world's perception of China's window. Chinese dream seminar held here, has a special significance. First of all, on behalf of the State Council Information Office, sincere welcome to all the guests! Distinguished guests from afar to express my sincere thanks!
   Last November, the National Congress of the Communist Party of China concluded Eighteenth soon, when the President Xi Jinping visited the "Revival Road" exhibition, the first time to realize the Chinese dream; March of this year, the President Xi Jinping Twelfth National People's Congress speech at the closing session of the first meeting of the China dream when a systematic interpretation. Thereafter, the President Xi Jinping different occasions discussed Chinese dream. He stressed that to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream is to achieve national prosperity and revitalization, the people's happiness. Country, good nation, we will be good. He stressed that the Chinese dream in the final analysis is the dream of the people. We want to realize the dream of China, is to let people have a better education, more stable jobs, more satisfactory income, more reliable social security, higher levels of medical care, more comfortable living conditions, more beautiful environment, let the children grow better, work better and live better. He stressed that life in our great motherland and the great era of the Chinese people, the color of life, to enjoy the opportunity to jointly enjoy a dream come true opportunity to grow together and progress together with the views of the motherland and the era of opportunities. He also stressed that China is a dream of peace, development, cooperation and win-win dream, the dream of a better world and the people connected, not only for the benefit of the Chinese people, but also benefit the people of the world. These important expositions President Xi Jinping, China to clarify the basic meaning of dreams.
    Eight days ago, we held a forum in Beijing, please talk to some of the general public's understanding of the Chinese dream. Renovation workers from Jiangsu Changzhou Mr. He said, "China Dream Chairman Xi Jinping, we feel there is something to look forward, you can boldly design your own dream and this dream is China, but also each of us own." Otto migrant workers, "said Chairman of China Xi Jinping dream and hope to get tangible, our children's education have more expectations for a sense of security with more ease, Chinese dream close to us." . A graduate China University of Political Science said, "made Chinese dream, proclaimed to the world's information is on the rise in China, we are proud to learn with greater momentum, the future will belong to our youth." A Tsinghua University student, said, "China Dream proposed to avoid the blind our actions, why, what to do, have a clear direction, was very practical, because the President has told people learning how to struggle." I believe that, like those of migrant workers and college students, every Chinese person in China has its own understanding dreams and expectations. On the Internet "China Dream" as a keyword, use Baidu search engine, you can search out articles more than 100 million articles.