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China speaker box factory:"Women addict" exposed a new poster

  • Author:Jason
  • Source:Jaskey Limited
  • Release Date:2013-12-11
    Recently, the Danish directing Las - von - Trier's new film "Women addiction" has released a new poster, two starring Charlotte - Gan Sibu (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and Mejia - LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf) is almost naked, staged Flesh erotic show. Charlotte - Gan Sibu, Uma - Thurman, Mejia - LaBeouf, William - Dafoe, Stellan - Skarsgård and other Hollywood big names have joined the film, described as a very powerful lineup. "Women addict" is about a woman from birth to 50 years of age sexuality course, the film is also as Las - von - Tyre previous works as controversial.
    Las - von - Tyre most works, "female addicts" also focus sensitive topic. Video from a woman's point of addiction sexual way about her from birth to 50 years old libido journey, as well as complex and varied life, during which accompanied the association and emergencies. The first half of the film will be presented in a way pure comedy, but will be transferred to the latter part of the dark, end up with a tragic ending.
    "Sex addiction" is the excessive desire for sex people, its symptoms, sexual impulses are not met, it will produce painful feeling anxious, thus affecting work and life. "Women addict" From a woman's perspective of sex addiction, is divided into eight chapters, tells the story of her 50-year-old from birth to sexual journey, as well as complex and varied life, during which accompanied the association and emergencies, full of wild and poetic.