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China mp3 player factory:Network security is a lifeline

Jason Jaskey Limited 2013-12-12 10:24:03
    Second, according to Xinhua News Agency, China and South Korea Internet Roundtable held in Seoul on the 10th, the theme of the meeting was "Internet development and security"Lu Wei, director of China's State Internet Information Office, Republic of Korea Minister of Science, Cui Wenji future creation attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.
    Lu Wei said in a keynote speech, success depends on security, development of the Internet today, the security has gone beyond the technical areas. Security is a precondition for innovation, is to protect the development, is leading the technology is a market leader, is the core competitiveness of the flag. Who holds the safety of this "Lifeline"Grasps the initiative, who can come to the fore in the development of the next generation Internet.
Lu Wei advocate jointly safeguard cyberspace security: First, to jointly safeguard the sovereignty of network security into the Internet under the UN multilateral governance framework, to build peaceful coexistence, mutual benefit and win-win sovereignty network security order; second is to safeguard information security, strengthen the network Information security cooperation to combat the network wrongdoing, so that safe and orderly flow of information; third is to safeguard privacy and security, and increase efforts to protect personal information, so that the Internet has become a safety net, secure network; fourth is to safeguard the security technology, hopes to strengthen and Korea party cooperation and promote core technology, key equipment, mobile terminals and other research, the Internet escort.
    Lu Wei believes that China and the ROK to share four major development opportunities:
First, a shared network technology development opportunities, network technology companies hope the joint efforts by China and South Korea, occupied the commanding heights of the next generation of Internet technology development;
The second is a shared network market development opportunities, China's Internet market is huge, rapid growth of China-ROK enterprises to expand bilateral trade will bring great opportunities;
Third-sharing network of cultural development opportunities and hope China and South Korea have launched more Internet culture boutique;
Fourth, shared network media development opportunities, and actively expand the network of new media formats, build online information dissemination of good order, so that information becomes human resources and wealth sharing.