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Bluetooth selfie stick stand self-timer lever, the influx of people must

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-14 19:15:41
   Selfie stick stand, Multi-function wireless handsets since planes, via Bluetooth wireless technology selfie stick stand and selfie stick stand mobile phone-linked company, applied to modern high-end smart phone, which were currently supports Apple IOS5.0, and Andriod3.0 over the phone and camera self-timer, a unique dual system design, You can connect simultaneously without conversion IOS and Andriod system, no card machine phenomenon, turned around 180 degrees design ,, high quality stainless steel, selfie stick stand 7 pull shrinking design, selfie stick stand the minimum length of only 23.5CM, but can reach up to 1020mm.
   Can be stored in a small bag, selfie stick stand easy to carry ,, existing black, pink, red, green, purple, yellow, blue, dark blue, selfie stick stand which can be accessed separately removable head multifunctional mobile phone clip 2, the meet market Most of intelligent machines, multi-angle camera, the largest force 500G, cameras and mobile phones can be satisfied with the general self-timer,selfie stick stand Are you a good travel companion camera, good gifts also upscale cameras and mobile phones, selfie stick stand modern people spare!

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