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How to buy mobile power?

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-17
   Now on the marketMobile PowerCan be described as varied, with the manufacturers to promote their products also use different stops. All kinds of advertising, publicity overwhelming, but as a consumer you should know how to choose a mobile power supply?
Xiao Bian here to help introduce you to a few common sense to avoid the mistakes you made some small oh.
   ? 1. mobile power polymer batteries are safer than 18650 it & nbsp; I believe many people have heard this argument: 18650 exists the danger of explosion, and mobile power polymer batteries is the worst case of fire, do not will explode, so polymer batteries are safer than 18650. Since the 18650 using steel packaging, not easily deformed, are common batteries. Some manufacturers will use inferior or second-hand 18650 to produce ultra-low price of mobile power, regardless of the quality but also there are serious security risks. The polymer batteries theoretically more secure, since the internal lithium-ion batteries was mushy, the external use of plastic film package, ground is soft, easily deformed, so the technical difficulties, high production requirements for manufacturers. Therefore, the current domestic market, mobile power more quality low-cost polymer batteries guarantee.
  2.mobile power ? Capacity the better it & nbsp; many people will think that the larger battery capacity, use of time will be longer. Search mobile power sales on Taobao, you will find selling power at every turn is the tens of thousands of mAh capacity. So, mobile power is the bigger the better it & nbsp;? Should know, mobile power capacity and volume is directly proportional to the greater capacity, the volume certainly greater. Therefore, in the purchase according to their needs, if not travel often, there is no need to take a "bricks and mortar" run around. Moreover, the phenomenon of virtual object on the market today is still very serious, bad companies deceived consumers with high capacity, and far below the actual capacity of the product labeling capacity, so for these large-capacity mobile power can not be gullible.
   3. Then see how mobile power capacity? & Nbsp; the current mobile power products, above the nominal 5000 mA refers to the capacity of the batteries, the batteries power to give your phone when charging circuit to be transformed, we must be multiplied by a conversion factor of 0.74. (Requires power conversion circuits is equal to the rated voltage of 3.7V batteries output voltage 5V, the output power consumption of batteries = ╳ 3.7V / 5V) if it is 100% conversion efficiency, then, after transformation of the input power is only 3700 mA, the Generally qualified mobile power conversion rate should be over 80%, and even when a good mobile power can exceed 90%, which is the nominal 5000 mA mobile power really can give you on the phone only 2960 mA rechargeable battery, Battery charging should be given twice iphone4s 1450 mAh.
   4. Move the mobile power power price is more expensive the better, or cheaper the better & nbsp;? The cost of mobile power including batteries, circuit boards and housings of three parts, in general, use 18650 mobile power production cost is lower than polymer batteries of mobile power.

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