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Common law right to wear personalized headset

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-14 17:12:43
   In-ear personalized headset Easy to carry, is one of the many fans of the headphone hobby goods. Then personalized headset there is no common understanding over the right to wear the personalized headset law? Big ears organize the relevant information, personalized headset are summarized as follows:
   (Information from personalized headset Finishing editing, personalized headset reproduced, please indicate the source, thank you! )
   Ear personalized headset : ear damage is lower than the headset, lightweight and convenient, but wearing a long ears will hurt personalized headset.

    Wear the correct method: "pull the pull down" & nbsp; In other words, wear left personalized headset When applied to the left ear to the right and then pull up pull down, to expand personalized headset well into the ear canal so without harm to the eardrum, this way you can better enhance the dynamism and clarity wearing comfort and sound quality e ffects,personalized headset.

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