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Computer party animal dancing pet speaker to understand instructions

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-24 18:24:19

   Since the world's first sound card installed on your computer,party animal dancing pet speaker It is accompanied by a computer. Although most of the sound system on a computer can not be achieved Hi-Fi (high fidelity) effect, and the family tradition of sound as well as a significant distance, but the party animal dancing pet speaker new style of computer speakers, such as the continuing mushrooming, dizzying, the following to introduce them a wonderful --party animal dancing pet speaker .

   Improved 3D speakers acoustic part

   Through the above test we have clear 3D party animal dancing pet speakerThe main disadvantage is that a flat interface can not be achieved, and this is because of the limitations caused by the technology, the speaker, the speaker can not be done on the one hand a very wide frequency band, on the other hand, the subwoofer low frequency usually can not be obtained in a high frequency band, It has become almost insurmountable party animal dancing pet speaker congenital problems. Under normal circumstances, in addition to changing the whole band with better small speakers outside (do to it?), Increase treble speaker volume is also a viable option (lost the beauty and advantages of placing handy), it is not also You can slightly improve the low-frequency characteristics in the treble speakers plus a few pieces of glass fibers.

  What is party animal dancing pet speaker

   party animal dancing pet speaker is that we now often see 2.1 speakers, which consists of a subwoofer and two small, the treble speakers composed of small satellite speakers like the same with lines connected to the subwoofer, so again they called 2.1 satellite speakers If it is a combination of four small one big, called 4.1 satellite speakers, since this party animal dancing pet speaker uses the principle conduction related to the phase of work, previously also known as phase conduction speaker, now often referred to as the subwoofer, really a lot of tricks. Home audio system very early emergence of such speakers, his masterpiece is the United States BOSE (PhD) series speakers, while in the domestic PC market in the first to introduce this technology is innovative PCWorks2.1 (SoundWorks) speakers, then the computer industry caused no small vibration.

   3D speaker works

   Say clear 3D speaker works, take a look at traditional speaker works with traditional speakers and 3D speaker difference.
   Speaker is to convert electrical signals to the device acoustic signals, which were re-reduction process sound. While speaker after many years of research and development have made great progress, but in order to restore a single speaker 20Hz ~ 20KHz sounds the human ear can hear, but still a difficult task, so the band will be divided into high and low two parts, After dividers were sent, treble by a specially designed tweeter to restore, restore and bass with a subwoofer.
   When the subwoofer work, the front of the diaphragm, the opposite phase sound waves, but also with a strong low-frequency diffraction ability, when the speaker's voice behind the front around to the front after the interference of sound, the speaker mounted in a sealed box surface can absorb sound waves back to avoid interference, so we can see the speaker basically packed in boxes inside. Speaker after put into the box, due to the limited volume of the box, inside the air when the speaker will work its counterproductive, the lower limit of the low frequency speaker rises, while the sound is completely absorbed within the box without any use also is a pity, So there after a long tube using a specially designed internal voice again sent outside the box after inverting the inverted speaker, inverted phase out special supplement speaker sound limit, so the sound again extend down some.
   Traditional speakers mostly closed or inverted design, larger box, placed in the computer side has always been a problem, but the cost nor down, and 3D speakers in some places just to make up for these shortcomings of traditional speakers. Since the human ear to sound below 300Hz is insensitive to the orientation, so that part of the circuit, using a specially designed electronic crossover first left and right low frequency components below 300Hz in the separation, and then sent to a low-frequency power amplifier with zoom in, and then output to a dedicated subwoofer, while the high-frequency part of the power amplifier amplifies and then after two were sent to the left and right speakers, eliminating the need to restore the lower low frequency, so the left and right speakers Cabinet decreased a lot, this constitutes a major (low speaker) two small (high speakers), 3D speakers format.

3D speaker cabinet design

   3D speaker subwoofer can only playback sound frequencies below 300Hz, except low frequency can be arbitrarily placed and adjust the volume size and other benefits, you can also use a special box to restore the ability to enhance the low frequency. Adding baffles on the internal speaker, the cabinet is divided into two parts, the dedicated frequency speaker is mounted on the inside of the separator, which is designed as a closed box, the other is connected to the outside by way of a long tube, This has opened the box can be "Helmholtz resonance", the resonance frequency of the sound heard near the box, the design and avoid the resonance of traditional speakers completely different. Such a speaker can be restored using a lower sound, and because a large number of high-order harmonic distortion in the loudspeaker inside the box when it is naturally produced by the resonant absorption of the speaker, and therefore to obtain more pure low-frequency. Controlling the resonance frequency, the bandwidth must be calculated by the caliber of the tube length and the space of the box to achieve.
   In addition to using a single opening in the box, the box can also be designed to open the sealed type, the resonance frequency is slightly different from the other side, the thus formed two resonance peaks can be further broadened frequency limit, and some of the bass speaker is using the three-chamber design, and the front of the subwoofer resonant voice after voice mixed with the back again for the third resonance, thus extending downward more bandwidth, and higher harmonics are filtered cleaner.
   , The high-frequency part because no reduction of low-frequency sound, the speaker withstand the power to reduce a lot, you can use the whole band of small-caliber speakers, the volume of the box and therefore greatly reduced, placing even more convenient, especially for computer users to use. The 3D speakers, the high-frequency part will be sent directly to a dedicated speaker unit processes, to avoid the impact of the divider on the sound, than at traditional speaker on whether to restore the tone or sound field accurately.
   Due to the special design of 3D speakers, there is a better low-frequency extension, while the high frequency of convergence is also very good, the display is also very convenient. But it should also be noted that if the high-frequency sounds are added on one or two speakers, so that the speaker would require much higher, it is necessary to achieve the effect of a dedicated tweeter, but also convergence of 300Hz bandwidth, low-frequency high-frequency characteristics, speakers, and other properties to withstand the power to undertake this task very well, some party animal dancing pet speaker will treble unit apart, the performance will be ideal for some relatively speaking. The actual use of the crossover often designed in 150Hz.
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