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The benefits of noise-canceling headphones

2020-12-10 16:44:46

The benefits of noise-canceling headphones

1. Create a quality of life: Noise cancelling headphone were first used to reduce noise on airplanes. This is the original purpose of noise-canceling headphones being manufactured. In the case of a variety of noisy environmental noises, the noise reduction headphones can eliminate the surrounding environmental noise to the maximum extent (depending on the noise reduction level), allowing users to enjoy a quiet travel life. For users who require a high-quality life, noise-canceling headphones have indeed solved the headache of noise and also improved their quality of life.

2. Protect the user's hearing: Noise canceling headphone can protect hearing. Why do you say that? We assume that the surrounding noise is unchanged, and the volume of the mobile phone that can meet the listening needs without noise-canceling headphones is 20 bars; after switching to noise-canceling headphones, because the noise is reduced, only 10 bars can meet the listening needs. So from this perspective, the protective effect of noise canceling headphones on hearing is still very prominent.

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