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The design purpose of the dancing robot speaker

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2020-12-10

The design purpose of the dancing robot speaker:

With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, people are tired of traditional entertainment methods, and they have a new understanding and higher pursuit of entertainment. In order to meet the needs of people, we have designed dancing robots, which can not only fill the emptiness and boredom of the old people, but also satisfy the curiosity of young people and children, and at the same time stimulate their awareness and re-creation of new technologies. Basic idea: Through the in-depth understanding of human actions, analyze the characteristics of human actions, and compare with the working principle and action process of the controlled object dancing robot speaker, so as to determine the basic composition of the robot, select the appropriate mechanical components, and assemble the robot's shape . Analyze the limitations and advantages of the robot's movements, set the robot's dance movements, write programs according to the movements, and complete the work design

dancing robot speaker

The dancing robot speaker companion will switch the speakers for any audio dancing. Designed with intelligent dance algorithm technology, Dancebot can quickly analyze audio input. Similarly, it can express songs by moving the rhythm and rhythm, such as beating the feet and beating music. It can even slide smoothly when capturing slow sounds. In addition, dancing robot speaker always has different dance moves and can dance the same song in different ways. As an ideal companion for children, Dancebot can tell stories or nursery rhymes. Just connect the device to the dancing robot speaker via Bluetooth to use the speaker.

dancing robot speaker