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True wireless bluetooth earbuds with charging case

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2020-12-11

TWS, which stands for True Wireless Stereo, is an audio technology that wirelessly separates Bluetooth signals into left and right sound channels. TWS is widely applied in true wireless bluetooth earbud.

What's the catch for TWS? What's the most popular customer pain point?

Cable-free, hassle-free — that's why people love true wireless bluetooth earbud. However, they do have their limits. Consumers have also grown pickier, especially with regard to such products' Achilles heel, insufficient battery life. Frequent charging for true wireless bluetooth earbud is simply inevitable, and even AirPods, one of the products with comparatively good battery life, can only sustain 5 hours of continual use on each charge, and last 24 hours in total when used in conjunction with its charging case.

true wireless bluetooth earbud

true wireless bluetooth earbuds wireless with charging case

【Bluetooth wireless lightweight compact design】---the newest ultra-small sports wireless Bluetooth 4.1 mini true wireless bluetooth earbud earpiece, it is so compact and portable that you can carry and use it anywhere anytime. Use for left and right ear. Compatible with both Android and ISO devices.

【Enjoy the real infinite freedom】---100% brand new and high quality: the newest true wireless bluetooth earbud can free your hands, let you free sliding, surfing and playing games, allows you to make full use of your smart phone. Perfect for sports, running, jogging & gym exercise, driving, watching TV, reading or sleep.

【Perfect sound quality & Noise cancelling】---built-in audio processing system, can be a very good eliminate noise and echo, perfect for stealth listening or watching at work. Giving you an excellent music experience.

【Built-in mic support convenient phone talk】---easy to use. Easy to hear. Support multipoint Bluetooth connections,  answer the incoming call of one phone any time. Enjoy your handsfree calls.

【Storage box with portable power bank】---comes with portable power bank with big battery capacity, can provide charge for earphone and other devices anytime. Charging box can be charged via USB.