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Multi-only mini portable speaker audio cable connection method

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-27 17:41:49
  mini portable speaker From the electrical structure is divided into active and passive, there are built-in amplifier is active, non-power amplifiermini portable speaker Is passive;
mini portable speaker audio line also divided the small-signal audio cable audio cable and power, as a general headphone output, CD / player outputs are generally small stereo audio signal; like an audio amplifier outputs are power audio mini portable speaker, you can directly mini portable speaker sound driver. Small Signal Audio generally require pre-circuit, voltage amplifier, current amplifier circuit from several parts into a mini portable speaker can directly promote the power of the signal.
   You said mini portable speaker: If all mini portable speaker, the small-signal audio source via a tap into a multi-output, connect to a different active mini portable speaker; if it is passive speaker, is not recommended more than mini portable speaker and connected in series or easily burn mini portable speaker, the sound quality is not controlled.

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