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cheap noise cancelling headphones impedance is what ah mean?

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-27 17:52:35
   Impedance and resistance is not only relevant, but also, and capacitance and inductance related. Not exactly the same resistance.
   Impedance cheap noise cancelling headphones A property, and cheap noise cancelling headphones The sound is not absolute relationship, is not as small as possible. Only small impedance headphones easier to produce good sound.

cheap noise cancelling headphones
   Represents the impedance is likely to be driven cheap noise cancelling headphones impedance small, it is easy to normal sounds effects. There is a sensitivity parameter refers to one milliwatt output power at 1KHZ SPL, the greater the sensitivity value, the greater the volume of the cheap noise cancelling headphones. But the volume is large does not necessarily get a normal voice, the two are different.
   Maybe you have to ask, since the impedance of small easily a good sound, why there are many hundreds ohm impedance of high impedance cheap noise cancelling headphonesyet. Although there is no absolute impedance and sound relationship, but also slightly affected the sound. High impedance headphones, the sound is more relaxed nature, better sound level, which is the same type of comparison of different impedance cheap noise cancelling headphones (such as 32 ohm and 300 ohm DT880 DT880) you can find some differences, but for different types of headphones is not comparable, because even a cheap high impedance cheap noise cancelling headphones, the sound level is difficult to achieve high-end headphones. But another job required impedance player has a higher output capacity, the usual desktop player can not drive a good hundred ohms headphones, so many music fans have to individually select an external headphone amplifier to drive cheap noise cancelling headphones.
   If you listen to music with the N81, it is recommended to choose a low-impedance cheap noise cancelling headphones with high sensitivity (recommended impedance of 32 ohm or less sensitivity 105DB above), because N81 lower output power, high sensitivity to choose low-impedance headphones to make cheap noise cancelling headphones sound normal, If you choose a high-impedance headphones, earphones difficult to play a normal level, it is likely to be difficult to listen to the sound.