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Beware ear multipoint bluetooth headphones little harm health

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-27
   In the crowded subway, on the streets, bustling busy mall, everywhere some multipoint bluetooth headphones Youth, they listen to music, play games, watch videos multipoint bluetooth headphonesmultipoint bluetooth headphones, small Get rid of the noisy surroundings, so that they revel in their own world of entertainment. However, a small multipoint bluetooth headphones, it might give cause major health threat.
Irreversible hearing impairment multipoint bluetooth headphones,
   A variety of factors as well as the strength of the degree of hearing impairment is impaired, and the noise, the duration of the interval, the number of iterations and so on, one of the most critical is the noise intensity, the higher the intensity, the greater the damage to hearing multipoint bluetooth headphones. In the human ear, there is one called "cochlea" site, which has a special kind of cells - hair cells, its task is to feel the acoustic stimulus and transmit signals to the brain via the auditory nerve multipoint bluetooth headphones.
   There are about 10,003 hair cells in the cochlea of ​​more than a thousand on each side of the body, and their number is fixed when the person was born, and can not be recycled. Noise can damage hair cells, hair cells only if damaged but not yet dead, in theory, there could save, but the difficulty of treatment is very high. And once hair cells die, because it is not regenerate, hearing damage caused will not be reversed multipoint bluetooth headphones.
Noisy environment with multipoint bluetooth headphones hearing impaired greater
   Whether you use the multipoint bluetooth headphones, as long as the noise reaches a certain intensity, will harm the hearing multipoint bluetooth headphones. Sound is a kind of energy, it will gradually spread attenuation in the air, and when using multipoint bluetooth headphones, especially when stuffed multipoint bluetooth headphones, the sound energy can not be spread around, all concentrated in the ear canal, great strength, which is likely to cause hearing loss. Using multipoint bluetooth headphones in a noisy environment sound, the volume must be open to the sound of suppressed around the noisy environment, easily lead to hearing loss.
The need to control the volume with multipoint bluetooth headphones and time
multipoint bluetooth headphones
People prefer to use headphones, you should pay attention to develop good habits, using multipoint bluetooth headphones time not too long, not too much volume.
   multipoint bluetooth headphones with smaller shield hearing impairment, because the shield can block ambient sound, in order to avoid pressing environmental sound and increase headphone volume phenomenon. Examine the effect of noise shield method is very simple, after wearing headphones shield, do not boot, if you feel the ambient sounds disappeared or significantly reduced, it shows the effect of noise shield is better, if the environment does not change in the slightest sound or only slightly reduced, explain the poor sound insulation shield.
   When using multipoint bluetooth headphones, the volume is best able to control about 60% of the total volume, in order to feel comfortable and pleasant is appropriate, and every 60 minutes or so to listen for a while to rest. In addition, the subway cars, busy street noise and other large place, it is best not to use multipoint bluetooth headphones.
   If tinnitus, hearing loss and other phenomena, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, in particular, often using multipoint bluetooth headphones, noise exposure of people, but should be vigilant.

multipoint bluetooth headphones