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What are the disadvantages of wireless bluetooth headphones at this stage?

Krystal 2020-10-23 18:23:01

According to the actual measurement of  wireless bluetooth headphones of mid-to-high-end domestic and foreign brands bought back in the market, the author also looks at the following data based on feedback from mainstream e-commerce companies at home and abroad:
1. The battery life issue is the top of all issues. Why? Because of the size of a single ear-considering the ergonomic design behind the ear, most wireless bluetooth headphones are compact-in-ear or semi-in-ear; according to statistics The battery capacity of a single ear is between 25-60mAh, the maximum battery life-after single & dual earplugs are fully charged, the longest single use time is no more than 3 hours-and it is not a domestic brand (we are doing market research and analysis When I saw how many unscrupulous merchants advertised the battery life as 3-7 hours, you don’t look at how much power your own single ear has. You can ask again, it can be achieved with the charging compartment. Rogues often play word games. According to the new "Advertising Law" and "E-commerce Law", users can directly complain or use falsely advertised products and claim 3 times.) Of course, I believe that the follow-up will definitely do better. The premise is a breakthrough in battery technology and a breakthrough in ergonomic design. Of course, there is another shortcut, which is to make a fuss on the charging compartment, because when we take off the wireless bluetooth headphones and put it in the charging compartment, it is in the charging state, so if the battery capacity of the charging compartment is large enough, it can maintain long-term battery life, because After all, no one wants to repeatedly charge the charging compartment for three days and two days. New products and technologies need to subvert the past, solve the pain points of users, and achieve the best user experience. Increasing the battery life of the charging compartment can make up for the low battery power of the headset to some extent, and it is more acceptable than the user.
wireless bluetooth headphones
2. Noise reduction in complex environments Not every wireless bluetooth headphones manufacturer has researched the field of acoustics, and there are very few companies specializing in acoustic technology in China. In the era of smart phones, noise reduction technology achieves the effect of noise reduction through methods such as network optimization + hardware support + software assistance. Among the mid-to-high-end brands we tested, almost no noise reduction experience has reached our satisfaction; Huawei's noise reduction is quite speaking, which is OK in China; another dark horse: the digital silicon microphone + AI algorithm made by Bailing Acoustics Among the products, the experience effect is the best. We measured that the subway can be used normally at the moment of starting and opening and closing the door, the call is not affected, and the sound effect and sound quality can be maintained in a normal state, which is really rare.

3. The bottleneck of the wireless transmission distance is different from the wireless bluetooth headphones, because the wireless bluetooth headphones itself is a wireless call based on Bluetooth technology. According to the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, its theoretical call range can reach 100 meters, and the new Bluetooth 5.0 theory can reach 300. Meters, but in actual use, complex environment, circuit itself, radio frequency interference and many other issues limit its use distance; according to measured data, the current mainstream use range in the market is 10 meters, and the farthest is only 12 meters. According to the domestic application scenarios at this stage, it obviously cannot meet the user experience needs. Who can solve the problem of transmission distance means having an absolute advantage in this industry!

4. The problem of sound quality and sound effect This kind of problem does not have much response in China, but foreign buyers have relatively high requirements for sound quality and sound effect. At Amazon official, we grab a bunch of data and many bad reviews The feedback sound quality is too bad. In addition to the need for good chips and solutions, good materials for the hardware are also needed for audio and sound effects. On the other hand, it also requires tuning on hardware + software (very professional). The cavity structure design of the wireless bluetooth headphones will It directly affects the sound quality and the experience of the sound effect. It is still a word, I want to do wireless bluetooth headphones, I want to be more professional in this industry, not plagiarism, just a simple appearance and structure, the inner things can better reflect the competitiveness of the product.