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How to choose FM Radio bluetooth stereo speakers?

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2020-12-09

Dancing is a recreational activity for the elderly and physical fitness. However, because of its loud sound, the problem of disturbing the people has also attracted constant attention. In fact, as long as the right bluetooth stereo speakersare selected, the volume can be controlled within a certain range or old people enjoy the fun of dancing, which is the best of both worlds.

Our version bluetooth stereo speakers Digital Display with Intelligent Remote Control and Phone Holder for your reference.

First, types and characteristics of portable FM Radio bluetooth stereo speakers

Bluetooth stereo speakers:

1) High signal-to-noise ratio

2) Low distortion

3) Good repeatability

4) Small shaking rate

5) Strong adaptability

6) Easy to integrate

7) Support TF card/U disk/FM Radio/AUX/Microphone

Bluetooth speaker with fm:

1) Very good directivity

2) The sound attenuation is small

3) Higher sound fidelity

4) Ultra-thin shape, not taking up space

bluetooth stereo speakers

Second, the purchase points of wireless bluetooth speakers

1) Battery life is the key. Your outdoor trip is not just three or five hours. There is no power without music, so this is the key. The larger the battery capacity, the wireless bluetooth speakers would be better.

2) To be waterproof. Fall resistance is very important. It will inevitably rain when playing outdoors. If you fall or bump, the waterproof level depends on their IPX level 1-10, the higher the level, the more powerful, whether there is a certification, etc.

3) Volume level. When you buy, if the volume is acceptable, try to choose two speakers with a bass vibrating plate. The sound is large and the sound quality is good.

4) Bluetooth chip. This is also very important, but most people don’t understand it and don’t pay attention. The chip is related to the stability of the product and the sound quality. So far, the CSR chip is relatively good. Please note that everyone should try not to buy the Bluetooth and card function. Speakers, because the multi-functional chip is very poor, it is prone to problems.

5) Portability and versatility. A portable wireless bluetooth speakers is best to meet portability, use in multiple different environments, such as: mountain climbing, seaside camping, bicycle riding, walking, home use, etc. It is perfect.

wireless bluetooth speakers

Finally, precautions when usingwireless bluetooth speakers

1). Keep your phone away

In order to protect the speaker circuit, although your desktop audio can be placed arbitrarily, please keep a distance from mobile phones, cordless phones, TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other items, and it is best to keep it away from the computer case.

2). The importance of sound source

No matter how good the sound is, it is useless without good music. Although compression formats such as MP3, WMA, and ATRAC3plus are flying all over the world, this is a lossy compression format after all. The capacity of discs storing this type of music may be large, but many elements in the sound are discarded when compressed.

3). The taboo ofwireless bluetooth speakers when using

Put the equipment in the cabinet; Stacking equipment; The power plug is irrelevant; The wiring is not firm and unclean; Use marble or glass to carry equipment; The placement of speakers is "adjust to local conditions"; Improper connection handling; Take it for granted to deal with room acoustics; Imitate blindly, do not proceed from reality, blindly imitate others.