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"Students economy" with custom printed headphones

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-08

  "The child is not the same university and high school, far from home, the phone is a must buy, have a cell phone after the headset is a must buy, a good pair custom printed headphones Children's hearing health is very important. And now the information is so advanced, no matter what are inseparable from the computer and the network custom printed headphones, give the child to buy a laptop for her to learn helpful. "In the Democratic National Avenue Lenovo computer store, is for children to buy a laptop people Ms. Lee said.
And in the light path of Jining District Mobile store custom printed headphones, the reporter also saw a lot of parents take their kids to buy a mobile phone. "The child was admitted to the Sichuan Teachers College of Humanities. Home so far, we do not worry too reluctant. A semester faceless face, only to understand the living conditions of children's learning via telephone,custom printed headphones  cell phone is essential. This does not, today took him to buy a little more than a phone function, but also convenience and child contact. "citizen Ms. Qi said.
Faced with the students after the release of huge entrance spending power, many businesses also seize opportunities for student groups, custom printed headphones have launched various promotions. And parents in order to "reward" the child years studying hard in order to learn the course and the need for children to college life, but also have "generously" for the children to buy mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs and other electronic products custom printed headphones, "Student economy" with the fire the consumer electronics market.
Newspaper reminder: parents buy for their children to be rational and electronic products custom printed headphones.
The reporter also found that many students in the purchase of mobile phones custom printed headphones and computers, custom printed headphones When the brand-name and high-profile chase. custom printed headphones "Before the kids in high school when I gave him bought a cell phone, and now you have to give him for a university, and said must be an Apple phone. I really do not know what good this phone, and other mobile phone are the same function, have you on more than 2000 Can children non-buy, I have no idea how they have to meet the child's wishes are not? "Citizen Xu frustration.
Newspaper to remind parents, prospective college students to buy mobile phones and computers normal, custom printed headphones understandable. However, because students do not have the ability to earn an independent, but also the lack of appropriate financial minds, so when the price is more expensive to buy these things, according to the actual needs of rational consumption, not blind comparisons, so as to cultivate the child's own independent financial capacity and better adapt to college life.
In addition, parents of children at the time of the purchase of electronic products, pay attention to the three questions: First, when the configuration of the commodity do not understand, do not blindly buy, so as not to fall into the propaganda trap merchants. Second, custom printed headphones do not blindly conform to the requirements of children, contributing to the campus culture of consumption comparisons. Third, according to the children what they learn for the device performance of products to choose, do not recognize the brand and ignore the learning needs only affect the results.

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