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Shenzhen Lions passing spring teams love dancing dog wireless speaker

Jaskey www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-10 09:34:30
   Shenzhen Lions spring teams love to pass community theme project "caring for the elderly, from companionship Start" in at 9:00 on November 7, 2014 was held in Taoyuan communities. Love theme project delivery community, "caring for the elderly, from the beginning to accompany" campaign was supported by community health centers, Dragon property management, the elderly,dancing dog wireless speaker. Association, Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and other units odd plot, the woods Yu, Director, First Deputy Director Lin Peach lion sister, brother lion Financial Officer Yu Qian, director Zhang elephant, lion brother Zhang River,dancing dog wireless speaker, Li Feng, Chairman of the Community Services Committee lion brother and spring teams three president Hexing Rong, Li Jiajun, Yang Li Qi and more than 20 Lions attended the event,dancing dog wireless speaker.

    More than 100 elderly community to actively participate in the activities, which made a brilliant representative of the elderly share of the elderly generosity powerful speech,dancing dog wireless speaker, full of positive energy, expressing the national party and the community thanks to the Lions, also felt the forefront of Shenzhen Sunset Urban Elderly beauty, each elderly activity team also performed a wonderful show, really make people feel living in this city charisma and passion of life of older people,dancing dog wireless speaker.
Activities also performed the ceremony, the wheelchair, saying glasses donated to the needy elderly, with special visited the families of elderly families, brought the warmth of spring teams, the elderly especially grateful Lions teams sent in the spring love, everyone contributes a little love to spend more time around the elderly,dancing dog wireless speaker, let us start bit by bit from the side of filial piety,dancing dog wireless speaker,dancing dog wireless speaker, starting from companionship, social harmony and happiness for the family to do our duty,dancing dog wireless speaker.
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dancing dog wireless speaker
dancing dog wireless speaker