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Let best wooden headphones is full of spiritual music

  • Author:jaskey
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-27
   Primitive times, Rustic Fuxi on the "cut Tong for piano, Sheng Si chord" invented best wooden headphones, This time for the meter, there is a written record of China's invention of the world's oldest best wooden headphones instrument. Later, after another timber of the invention of the violin, zither, pipa, Nguyen and other musical instruments. While Western best wooden headphones invented the violin, piano, guitar, and woodwinds include: piccolo, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and so on. The drums and other percussion instruments were seen around the world. Wood and instruments seem to have forged a bond.
best wooden headphones
   It was found through the analysis, the wood has a good tune acoustic performance. Its texture, density, weight, and shape provides easy access to a very convenient conditions for the designer. In particular, the majority of mankind for thousands of years evolved instruments are based on wood, for the accumulation of woody tone of understanding and experience to reach a higher level. Generations of people listening habits have gradually adapted to the taste of wood, so best wooden headphones is the first choice before making musical instruments.
   Sound is one of the instruments, or can be classified on modern instruments. Where the speaker after a hundred years of development, the vast majority of speakers or in timber production. Although modern industry is very developed, can be made of various materials, such as plastics, metals and other materials, and people try to use these materials over the speaker, but to reach the wooden speaker effect is difficult.
   Headset is actually a electro-acoustic instruments. Headset is on acoustic instruments century invention. The headset is also beginning to best wooden headphones as the tunes. But since SONY Walkman invention, in the form of music consumption has undergone tremendous change, "Walkman" became a wave of world fashion. SONY Walkman achievements of the vast empire. MP3 Walkman achievements of a great company like Apple. However, as more compact earbuds market-oriented, especially ear earphones invention led to the production of best wooden headphones increasing difficulty. In particular competition makes headphones cost pressures had shifted to metals, plastics and other skills, because they are easier to scale production to reduce costs. Final wooden headphones almost been forgotten.
   However, metal earphone headset especially plastics and best wooden headphones compared with a fatal flaw is that he's likely to cause material chilled sounds, this music lacks emotion. Even with such a high level of designer headphones can handle relatively warm, but the plastics feel cheap or can not be easily accepted Shao.
   "Ling Ling on seven strings, listening loose cold," Echo of people from a Tang poem where to find the answer. It turned out that people listen to music is the emphasis on the expression of the mood of the music is harmony of mind and the environment, that is the voice of the piano. This is why China's classical music names are in the natural landscape theme for a reason. For example, "alpine", "water", "Spring", "Snow" and so on. So, if an audio product did not cause psychological resonance audience from the first visual sense, there is no guide the audience into the mood of the music expression go, this product does not have artistic taste, only public industrial products. Especially the people living in the city all year round surrounded by reinforced concrete, music itself is to get rid of the shackles of this city, return to nature, return to self soul. Fuller technology companies insist that the headset can be used as one of the best wooden bridge to reach the city people's self-liberation, freedom of the mind to reach self pastoral life.
best wooden headphones
   However, in the production of small wood ear with respect Fuller technology is by no means the first one. There are several on the market, the company has also been doing wood ear. But can do wood ear is rare indeed. It turned out that because of the small volume, resulting in a best wooden headphones, The difficulty of processing. Tune ear straight through just about 0.8-1.2cm size, allowing room for less-skilled workers processing, unlike speakers, can be designed to change the internal structure of different sound-reflecting unfavorable, you can also change the sound by adding different substances direction. The narrow ear internal processing difficulty is much larger.Speakers use their ten years of production experience, analysis of the best wooden headphones ear problems, summed up the wooden ear-prone factors and overcome resolved. For example, different species, because of the density of the material is different ear design must not be stereotyped, not scripted. The same species, different parts, such as tree density in other parts of the heart and not the same, the same design can also cause unbalanced sound. Thus, the cavity left and right channels each one headset pairing problems also exist. It is not part of the material in the other headphones. If the pairing is not good, it will cause the problem of unbalanced left and right channel sound, which is part of other manufacturers did not notice. Again, the problem vents wooden headphones, because the relatively soft wood, the drilling process will leave burrs, etc., it will eventually lead to inconsistent tune into the gas around the problem, leading to imbalances in the sound. The metal and plastics is a very regular intake hole, there is no inconsistency problem intake air left and right channels. Inexperienced designers will turn a blind eye to this serious problem, resulting in low-quality wood ear. Again, the internal shape of the wood-processing accuracy problems due to cavity will cause the volume and shape of the left and right channels are different, then the sound emitted by left and right channels must be different. Any designer can find this difference, but not all designers can find an effective solution to this difference come. Or that most designers can slowly make a few very good wood ear, but the current headset brands around the world, we must make a number of ten thousand remained at the same high level of sound quality is very rare, Fuller a handful of master wood ear HIFI mass manufacturers. Another is Japan's JVC.
   best wooden headphones Fuller technology AEP series is mass produced wooden headphones. In AEP-9013, for example, it produces enough for its players with plug nsp-100 to the gift, said Beng Hock Lok accomplishments in terms of wood ear is very profound, to meet market demand. The sound features are common features of a wooden instrument, the sound field is huge, neat. AEP-9013 voice density of the best earplugs, it's low-frequency texture and amount of sense is the best of the best earplugs, with subwoofer-like sound characteristics. Loose sense of hearing, soft high-frequency, clear positioning, and wooden speaker sound similar, Fuller became common characteristics of AEP series headphones.
   Fuller technology by choosing precious best wooden headphones from nature as a carrier, the use of natural wood sound qualities, study music listening habits of the long-form, eventually forming wood headphone series, Echo-specific tuning mode, so the wood is full of music spirituality, to the music of the wood plug in the wings, so that "China Voice" fly.