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Chang E success with rabbit No. rover shoot each flag unveiled the lunar surface

  • Author:Jason
  • Source:Jaskey Limited
  • Release Date:2013-12-16

"Rabbit No."Shooting into the Chang-e III probe

Chang E photographed "Rabbit No."Rover

    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 15 - (Reporter White Snow, Zhao Wei, Li Xuanliang) first flag on the moon surface 15 through the evening of televised "appearance." Chinese lunar exploration commander Xingrui then announced that Chang E III mission a success.
    This image from the Chinese lunar rover vehicle body is determined by the day of the release of its lander early morning shooting. 23 am conducted for the first time to shoot each other imaging tests, the lander and rover with each carrying a camera to take pictures with each other.
    Photo display, full of gravel and dust in Rainbow Bay gray and black lunar surface, the lander was a golden sun shone, the rover "chest" of the five-star red flag colorful.
    About a minute of time to shoot each other, is not a simple "pictures." Shooting from a few hours before heading for the start point, the rover successfully verified the lunar surface to walk, build terrain, visual positioning, planning, remote sensing technique and body control, pivot turn, camera work mode. Mutual shot four times and subsequent scientific exploration will be carried out in the next few days will be repeated application of these techniques and patterns.
    Since its launch on December 2, Chang E III has a narrow width breakthrough multi-window launch time, the key technologies lunar soft landing, the two separated and so on. Lunar exploration spokesman Pei Zhaoyu said, "two" on the successful interoperability means that they carry loads shoot smooth work of the mission "to achieve a soft landing, to carry out inspections in place to detect and exploration," the goal has been achieved.
    Flag to show on the screen at that moment, a sudden applause Beijing flight control center.
    This five-star red flag near the B5 paper sizes, special materials that can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius temperature difference between the moon. Color camera on the lander, restore its "Red China."
    10 years ago, on October 15, Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei in the Shenzhou V flight in the first seven laps, also shows the side of the flag.
    That flight, allowing China to be among the world's manned space club. 10 years after the successful implementation of Chang E III mission, making China the world's third master lunar soft landing and lunar probe technology country.
    10 years to manned spaceflight and lunar exploration, represented in the realization of the scale of China's space development, technological leap, while driven the development of high-tech industries and infrastructure disciplines.
    "It is because the principles of independence, innovative path of development, we can again opened a new era for Chinese people in the vastness of the sky." Senior adviser lunar exploration Sun Jiadong said.
    Although the mission has been successful, Chang E III lunar journey is not over. Three months or even longer next time, called "Rabbit"No. The rover will be 200 meters per hour, and each" step "of about 7 meters paced tour of the lunar surface, and with the left in sangrakwol point lander together to carry out the lunar surface topography and geological structure, monthly surface material composition and use of resources, scientific exploration of Earth plasma layer.
    Chang E on the 3rd is the Chinese lunar exploration "around, down, back to the" three-step second step. Engineering chief architect of Wuwei Ren said that China is expected to achieve by 2020 the moon unmanned sample return, to lay the foundation for the next lunar manned.