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China switching power supply factory:Sichuan Guangyuan a diameter of 60 meters subsidence sinkhole

  • Author:Jason
  • Source:Jaskey Limited
  • Release Date:2013-12-13

    At 0:40 on December 12 Xu, Guangyuan overturned District Pingxi three sudden subsidence occurred, causing the sinkhole is about 60 meters wide and 40 meters, more than 30 meters deep pit. Local villagers Wang Shun 11 old houses were buried, cracking into a dangerous new buildings, Wang Jiafu home an old house pulled collapsed, but fortunately no casualties. Currently, the collapse continues expanding.

    Reporters saw, subsidence is located in the southwest corner of the house two families, about 60 meters and a width of 40 meters, about 30 meters deep pit. Villager Wang Shun-old building housing the five, six pens all the deep pit, the pit has been extended to the southwest corner of his house just built a new house, causing part of the vacant houses. Wang Jiafu home an old house has also been pulled subsidence collapse, Yuanba side into the sinkhole, the surviving Yuanba cracks everywhere.

    "Underground slight vibration has more than 20 days, and each vibration, the underground will issue a roaring voice, my family's new house, old house has a small amount of crack when subsidence, the family has three at home, a huge sound, scared us quickly go out, stay the night in the open air. "villager Wang Shun told reporters.

    At 19:00 on the 11th or so, shaking frequently. Wang Shun looked everywhere, that is not much of a problem, it is back to the room to eat, watch TV, period, appears repeatedly shock. 12, 2009 0 pm, Wang Shun mother and wife are sleeping, he went to check, found room after his brother Wang Jiafu Yuanba cracking. After his phone to tell the township government, have not been in bed asleep. 0:40, suddenly emit a loud noise underground, houses are shaking, he could not wear shoes, opened the window and saw smoke everywhere, his family's old house is the sudden appearance of the sinkhole to slip. He quickly called the wife, woke his mother, ran toward the highway, on the road, together with the local villagers Xia Xing, sleeping overnight.

    After the accident, the local government to carry out investigation work immediately, and the people relocated.