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China speaker factory

Jason Jaskey Limited 2013-12-23 09:57:27
Speaker Specification:
-with Power Bank +Bluetooth Speaker+ Flash light                         
-Material:ABS plastic+ Pure acryl                    
-Output Power:2.0Wx1                                                     
-Frequency range:2.4000-2.4835GHz    
-Battery capacity:1000mAh  
-Valid distance:within 10m                                               
-Power supply:USB DC5.0V,built-in rechargeable lithium battery       
-Suitable for Mobile phone, iPHONE, iPad, Computer, etc. with bluetooth function,and charge for Mobile phone,iPHONE,iPad,etc.
-Multicolour optional                                                    
-Unit dimension:55x55x65mm                                               
-HS Code:8518210000