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Must know the history of bluetooth gaming headphones development

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-12-12 20:46:58

With the rapid development of technology, bluetooth gaming headphones The technology is getting stronger, the sound can be perfectly restored it, we are very happy to enjoy a variety of wonderful sounds and music.

    After World War II, with the application of new technology, the gradual emergence of a number of decomposition products, such as audio, player, converters, amplifiers, speakers, bluetooth gaming headphones. Music storage media from the early film disks, the development of disk-to-tape, CD and so on. Early bluetooth gaming headphones play equipment designed for desktop use. Start the seventies and eighties, began to appear a lot of portable players, portable drives, portable CD players, collectively Walkman. Supporting the production of portable bluetooth gaming headphones have become prosperous.

Development headset does give us a lot of the fun of life, and enjoy the wonderful music and the development of headphones does give us a lot of the fun of living in the same time, we think of the pioneers of headsets it?

A. The world's first one bluetooth gaming headphones

   Baia and partners Eugen & nbsp; Mr. Beyer 1924 in Berlin set up an electronics company, when the company was mainly for the development and manufacture of cinema speakers, from the beginning of the legend in the audio field. In 1937, August 18, Eugen & nbsp; Beyer the moving coil used on theater speaker transducer (dynamic & nbsp; transducer) and applied to similar products, he will sound directly to the human auditory organs - ears, invention A miniature moving coil transducer and put it into a mosaic can be worn in the belt head, & nbsp; thus the birth of the world's first bluetooth gaming headphones. Mr. Beyer has invited a bunch of friends to his private "studio", and play the classical repertoire, "Aida" album. Friends found no phonograph speaker configuration as usual, but add an amplifier and two semicircular metal earmuffs unobtrusive, even more surprising is that the sound came from the ear sound great, Neither phone noise, and no low-drums sound boring or chirp stringed sound. Mr. Beyer playing real music! This invention since the recording equipment, "Aida" interpretation of the most exciting time, is in Mr. Beyer's "studio" where he invented the first one with a dynamic bluetooth gaming headphones achieve. "My friends," said Mr. Beyer who stunned listeners, "This is for my effort, the human race since you can enjoy authentic music outside the concert hall."

In the 1930s, the German intelligence service and the Gestapo detected using a bluetooth gaming headphones other bluetooth gaming headphones could not distinguish the sound, get a lot of valuable information. DT48's frequency range to 16 to 20kHz, this technique in the 1930s, it was hard to imagine the index, the bluetooth gaming headphones was called Berlin (Berlin) card. 1950, Beyerdynamic launched the world's first stereo headset --DT48S, sensation in the world again, ahead of the pack. Today 60 years later, Beyerdynamic DT48 series headphones are still produced, but the switch to the more advanced material only. This can be regarded as the world's longest selling bluetooth gaming headphones. Landmark contribution it for professional radio, audio and video recording studio has made history.

Two bluetooth gaming headphones Category

The first products are open headphones are simply placed inside the ear, listening to when they have a serious noise neither sound leakage phenomenon, but due to the technical limitations of this headphone persists for a very long time. Then came an open, semi-open, closed (closed) and other types of bluetooth gaming headphones styles and techniques flourishing. Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica headphones and other manufacturers have made great contributions. Some people say, is a smaller version of the headset speaker, indeed, both in the structure has a lot of similarities. It is of course always been both homologous and electro-acoustic simulation technology to today, has encountered a bottleneck theory, now only make up from the ergonomics, industrial design, and materials science.

1. Closed headphones

bluetooth gaming headphones housing back cover is completely closed. As Bluetooth wireless headset HEP-6039,High quality fashion wooden headphones HEP-6040

Earmuffs ear to prevent sound oppression large discrepancy, the correct positioning of the sound is clear, professional monitoring and DJ in common areas such as these. Of course, the Walkman series which many are closed.

   2. Open bluetooth gaming headphones

   After the shell headphones cover a gap, or that are not closed, called open headphones

   Open headphones to listen to a sense of general nature, wear comfortable, common in home appreciation HIFI headphones, the sound can leak, whereas the same can hear outside sounds oppression ear bluetooth gaming headphones small.

   As AKG520:

3. semi-open bluetooth gaming headphones

No strict rules, the sound can also be not only into out without, according to the needs and make appropriate adjustments. As oMX980:

Third, the headphones sound better and better

   Development of high-end HiFi HIFI concept caught on the high-end HiFi earplugs now, highbrow, for manufacturers, in fact, they are more willing to birth some "take the amount of" product, so not only will expand the brand's influence, but there are more objective of economic efficiency. But with the development of technology, the cost of high-quality headphones will be reduced. High quality low price bluetooth gaming headphones more and more.