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Today introduced the two winter artifact bluetooth music hat create your own logo design

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-12-10 10:52:23
   A few days ago Magic Hat Bluetooth create your own logo design 20-degree temperatures or wear short sleeves on it, these days suddenly dropped ten degrees, discovered that winter has arrived. Do you feel the winter the phone in your hand and answer the phone when placed next to the ear headphones Magic Hat Bluetooth bring will feel "cold", today to introduce the two phones peripheral products, winter artifact Magic Hat Bluetooth headsetcreate your own logo design AndTalk Bluetooth Gloves.
Magic Hat Bluetooth

   First, let's look at this elastic knit hat magic of Magic Hat Bluetooth there are have create your own logo design and multiple sizes available. In addition to the hat can make you warm in the winter outside, but also provides some very convenient operation (which can be removed when cleaning hat) through the built-in speakers, in addition, wool cap also has a built in microphone so you can answer the hat Tel.
Magic Hat Bluetooth
   Then you focus on is this stylish Bluetooth calls gloves Magic Hat Bluetooth , it has built-in speaker, microphone and buttons, is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone Magic Hat Bluetooth create your own logo design that comes with that allows you to talk through their palms. Work gloves distance call is 12 meters, a charge can be used 20 hours, and can be dry-cleaned. This create your own logo design glove uses special materials to ensure gloves and your phone is still able to maintain tight grip strength, of course, also be able to wear this glove touch the phone to operate directly, similar products appear we have a lot of .