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best noise cancelling headphone reports

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-21
  China Network soundproof best noise cancelling headphone depth investigation: five strokes selected anti-noise earplugs to sleep
  Recently, a microblogging crazy pass in the creative advertising clips, so many users are aware of the zero listening ear of the brand, and also let a lot of people affected by noise disturbed sleep attention to soundproof earplugs this category. Reporters on the ear by one week time this new product category of in-depth investigation, summed up the experience for consumers following the selection of suitable products (best noise cancelling headphone).
  Soundproof earplugs (Earplugs) This product originated from abroad, currently in Europe and America are equipped with every household has household products best noise cancelling headphone , pharmacy super are sold. Mainstream is the use of materials and fabrication slow rebound sponge earplugs, earplugs and such is also divided into two categories: labor products, namely, the production workshop supplies to protect workers hearing; other is specifically for the civilian market's sleep with best noise cancelling headphone.
  In the past decade, domestic ear mainstream consumer brands are some of the labor-type brands, such as the United States, 3M earplugs, France Bacou ear plugs. Since the ear is through the channels of the first factories into the country, the people's awareness of the ear is labor goods from the beginning, so it comes naturally to this type of best noise cancelling headphone earplugs for general living or sleeping. This type of product every day because of the need to replace resulting demand is very large, but the plant also requested to reduce costs, it is generally the quality is rough. They are suitable for short-term use, and some earplugs texture rather hard, long-term use would cause harm to the ear canal. In addition, this type of long-term wear earplugs are easy to breed bacteria, may cause redness or irritation of the ear canal allergies and other problems. So this type of product is unable to meet the needs of the civilian daily sleep (best noise cancelling headphone).
  Reporters find a lot of news in the database, mostly noisy dormitory on campus, or residential area causing serious noise problem soundproof earplugs hot news, and security issues using earplugs or subject to greater controversy.
  Until recent years, the country began to civilian ear slightly off the ground. According to reporters in the market survey, zero listen to anti-noise defender is currently accounting for the largest share of the civilian market a soundproof earplugs, probably accounting for about 80%, but also the only one in the large chain pharmacies (in conjunction, Wan Ze etc.) national sales soundproof earplugs. Shenzhen Caiwuwei United pharmacy clerk Wang introduced the zero degree in the listening ear ask pharmacy is relatively high because of the noise at night which the village is relatively large, some time ago to listen to positive advertising hit zero and the entrance so many customers directly to the pharmacy consulting, and bought most of the people will go back and buy this single product sales also doubled from month to month. "After listening ear zero in comfort, sound and durability of these three are doing relatively well, and is a regular pharmacy sale, a complete inspection report, the customer feel better to have something than to buy online protection (best noise cancelling headphone). "
  On the other hand, with the explosive growth in recent years, the development of online shopping industry, making all kinds of rare influence and penetration demand goods greatly enhanced. The civilian ear is one of them. Crown Taobao seller Lee told reporters that the past two years, the customer perception of the civilian ear has improved a lot, like 3M, Bacou sales of products of this type of labor has gradually been similar to the zero-ear listening to this kind of civil replaced , but the brand is also increasing. At the same time, he said sales Taobao entire soundproof earplugs classification doubling every year, and now has reached nearly a million daily sales. For soundproof earplugs seen domestic demand is still very strong.

For the identification of civilian ear, reporters interviewed dozens of senior industry experts, vendors and users of long-term use of earplugs, summed up some of the most important indicators are as follows:
  1 anti-noise performance: high-density earplugs are not enough anti-noise performance, the most important indicator is the choice of materials and formulations.
  2 softness: determine the long-term wear earplugs comfort, general and anti-noise performance of this indicator is contradictory, but professional sleep earplugs should combine the two indicators soft and anti-noise (best noise cancelling headphone).
  3 Durability: life earplugs, earplugs are mostly labor-type disposable products, while sleeping earplugs is to allow long-term safe use;
  4 safety indicators: such as whether through legitimate testing organization, whether in the formal channels available, whether domestic sales of legitimate products, how antibacterial properties;
  5 earplugs Shape: ear and ear canal determines the inner wall of the fit, and even sound effects and comfort. Certain brands of earplugs because it is foreign products, shapes and sizes is not necessarily suitable for people to use.

In addition, the slow rebound speed best noise cancelling headphone earplugs earplugs determine whether in fact only easy to wear ear, the index was first used for the ear of the customer. Long-term earplugs people are generally more familiar way to wear, slow rebound speed is generally not affect its wearer.
best noise cancelling headphone