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Different types of noise cancelling earbuds

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-21

Transducer principle (Transducer)noise cancelling earbuds distinguish

  Used in accordance with the noise cancelling earbuds sound transducer drive, can be grouped into Dynamic (Dynamic) and electrostatic (Electrostatic), piezoelectric, moving iron, pneumatic, electromagnetic noise cancelling earbuds, etc..

1 Dynamic

  Dynamic noise cancelling earbuds , Also known as electric headphones. At present, most affordable earbud noise cancelling earbuds fall into this category, the principle is similar to electric-powered loudspeaker, wrapped in a permanent magnetic field in a cylinder-shaped coil and the diaphragm is connected to the diaphragm voice coil drive signal current driven. Very different dynamic noise cancelling earbuds and speakers that the distinction between general diaphragm, diaphragm edge of the speaker drivers are generally fixed in elastic medium (fold ring and damper) on (for example, on a large diameter woofer), diaphragm general is flat conical, provide force along the vibrating system by elastic medium; while moving coil headphones, the diaphragm edge directly fixed to the frame of the drive unit, the diaphragm has a power fold vibration system along entirely by the diaphragm expansion and contraction of the material itself and folds to provide deformation, so that the moving coil headphone drive unit diaphragm material selection and design elements shape the final impact on the sound quality is very large, but also very fragile. Moving coil drive unit technology is now very mature, technology does not have a big change, the current improvement is the development of higher-density magnetic permanent magnet, better diaphragm materials and designs. While the technology matures also make a corresponding lower cost, more competitive, a high degree of market penetration. In terms of the diameter of the drive unit is generally larger, the excellent performance of the headset, the maximum diameter of the drive unit for consumer headphone 50mm, typically Flagship noise cancelling earbuds . Currently the best frequency response of dynamic noise cancelling earbuds around 5-45,000Hz, the frequency response of the headphones in general 50Hz-12500Hz .

  2 balanced armature

  Also known as the moving iron. Use of an electromagnet for generating an alternating magnetic field, the vibrating portion is a piece of iron suspended in front of the electromagnet, the electromagnet when the signal passes through the electromagnet causes the magnetic field changes, so that the vibration sound of iron. The advantage is low distortion, high sensitivity, small size, the disadvantage is the high cost, commonly used in high-end noise cancelling earbuds. More advanced moving iron earplugs dual balanced armature drivers, like to bring studio-quality sound

  3 piezoelectric

  The use of piezoelectric ceramic piezoelectric effect sound. Advantages: high efficiency, high frequency. Disadvantages: Distortion large, high drive voltage, low-frequency response is poor, poor impact resistance. Such headsets used for telegraphy transceiver use, now basically eliminated. Piezoelectric ceramics as few noise cancelling earbuds treble sound unit.

  4 pneumatic

  Using the pump and the flow control valve, directly controls the pressure and flow such that the air vibrations occur. Sometimes the valve switch to high-powered speakers instead. This headset used on the plane, this headset is really just a guide tube. The advantage is not electrically driven, unlimited parallel high efficiency. The disadvantage is that a large distortion, narrow frequency response, noise cancelling earbuds.

noise cancelling earbuds