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Home fashion mini portable speaker

Nana www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-21 17:21:47

    Music can bring people joy of beauty, mini portable speaker why do we like to listen to music, not just to the pursuit of physical and mental relaxation, so that their living conditions to maintain a pleasant day. Like mini portable speaker It looks stylish minimalist, fashionable avant-garde,mini portable speaker lovable small stature can be very convenient place in any corner of the room, does not occupy space.

    mini portable speaker design imitation cube, buttons and jacks can be hidden in the module, can prevent dust and beautiful. mini portable speaker This material is ABS and silicone speaker, feel good, and silicone mat, both non-slip and abrasion resistance, greatly extending the life of the speaker. NSP-8023 mini portable speaker is also very lively colors, this product has a pink, yellow, red, blue, green and orange five kinds of colors to choose from, oh!
mini portable speaker