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Why are Bluetooth speakers more popular?

Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers are very common in the market. Not long ago, Meizu also released a small Bluetooth speaker. So why are Bluetooth speakers so popular?

1.Low operating threshold

Different from the complex connection of WIFI speaker, the connection of Bluetooth speaker is very simple. It can be matched with the bluetooth of the mobile phone and controlled on the mobile phone, which greatly reduces the entry threshold for users.


2. Low technical threshold

The working principle of Bluetooth speaker is to connect with bluetooth playing devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops through the built-in Bluetooth chip, and then play the resources on the device or on the network found on the device. The overall technology is not high.


3. Obvious price advantage

Bluetooth speakers are still more advantageous than WIF speakers in price, and the price will directly affect consumers' buying behavior. From what we have learned, the price of Bluetooth speakers is basically one third to one half of that of WIFI speakers, which is relatively low.And this may also be the current Bluetooth speaker is still more popular among consumers the main reason.

4. Users' habits are influenced.

For speakers, consumers are often accustomed to the simple direct connection of Bluetooth. Users are more accustomed to listening to their favorite music through frequently used music apps, and simply matching bluetooth is more suitable for users' habits.

Bluetooth speaker by virtue of its simple operation, cheap, rich choice of advantages, more popular among consumers, which is also the popular reason for Bluetooth speaker, if you love music, do not put the choice of a practical Bluetooth speaker!