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Does true wireless earphones have harm to the body

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2020-08-04
Before we go into whether or not these true wireless earphones are bad for your health,we should probably tell you how they work..

The DAILY MAIL spoke with DrMoskowitz,who is a professor at Berkeley about wireless AirPods.He's quoted in saying :"AirPods communicate with one another using a magnetic induction field,a variable magnetic field one sends through your brain to communicate with the other."True wireless earphones, or AirPods,connect wirelessly to your device xia bluetooth or short distance radio communication tachnology.Anything that connects"wirelessly"is usually using some kind of electromagnetic energy wave,which in low doses isn't harmful.The biggest worry factor thst xomes with using things like cellphones and AirPods is that this type of thchnology is advancing so fast,the research just can't keep up.Think back to when the latest smartphone was released.Did you line up to get one?Do you already have a fancy new pair of AirPods?true wireless earphones

If you're like the average consumer, you probably didn't dive into medical journals looking for the health effects before you bought them.Which bringd uo the second biggest worry when it comes to using fancy new thchnologies like true wireless earphones.

What are the long term effects? it's not the first tome people have been concerned with the effects of electromagnetic fields(or EMFs)in relation to our heath.The US CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION(The CDC)released a guide to using cellphones back in 2014.It goes through some frequently asked questions about cell phone use being linked a cancer.The very first question on this guide is "Can using a cell phone cause cancer?”Their stance?The CDC says thst more research is needed to give you an answer.

Very reassuring...However THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has said that"To date,no adversr health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use."The truth is, smart phones haven't been around that long,so it's hard to know what that the long term effects will be.AirPods use the same type to radiofrequency radiation that cell phones use. Now that AirPods,and true wireless earphones are super popular,the topic is resurfacing once again.

true wireless earphones

In 2018 a pair of studies by the US NATIONAL TOXICOLOGY PROGRAM found"clear evidence"clear evidence"that this type of radiation could cause cancer in rats.But that's rats,specifically male rats,and not humans.This study doesn't prove that EMF exposure can cause cancer but what it does suggest is that prolonged exposure to them isn't totally harmless.Since AirPods use that same technology maybe we should be more careful with how we use them.

The research from WHO tells us thst bluetooth technology(how AirPods communicate with your cell phone)emits low-powered radio frequency levels,and a hand's free device like your true wireless earphone,emit an even lower level than that.Cell phone have to reach cell towers,and in places that have bad reception it has to work harder and will emit higher levels of EMFs.The AirPods on the other hand only have to reach your phone,so the level in which they emit radiation will logically be lower.The closer the distance,the less radiofrequency power is needed.

THY DAILY MAIL reports that sa time goes on more and more scientists are calling for further research when it comes to radiowave-based technologies.Especially those that are in close proximity with the ear canal and brain,things like true wireless earphones.Dr.Moskowitz says his concern is about the fact that there is "probably more neurological disorders and diseases as opposed to cancer"Plus the fact that the space in which AirPods communicate is taken up by your brain,has some researchers saking for a more precautionary standpoint.So back to our original question...Are Airpods dangerous?

Well we'll let The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION answer that one.They have said"Despite extensive research,to date there is no evidence that conclude that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health."Many scientists are actively performing new studies and don't forget that there are many organizations there to protect you like the FDA,the CDC and the WHO.All have regulations in place to keep us safe,and healthy.